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11 February 2010


Mel Smith

This is very good news.


We are really everywhere, arent we?

Baltimore Femme



Wow, that's refreshing. Someone claiming to be black who doesn't have to. So used to folks wanting to be everything but.

He represents our demographic well.


Amen and alright.

I am so proud of this brother and again, you Rod, for digging for the story and posting!

The Blade used to do a column called "WE ARE EVERYWHERE" and we, as a community, really need to restart that kind of focus: SHOWING US TO US! These are the kinds of articles/posts on your blog that just make my soul soar!

I would have never looked in the New Yorker for Tonex and I might never have know about this Rhode Island-based brother!



He considers himself black...is it as simple as that? lol
Race is so dumb.

Greg G

"He considers himself black...is it as simple as that?"

Hmm, tell that President Obama. He's also biracial and considers himself black, I don't see anyone here saying he isn't.

If Gordon Fox were, say, blond and blue eyed and 100% white and considered himself "black", then questions would be raised. But he's not, he's biracial. Really I don't see the problem.

Derrick from Philly

Yes, the "One Drop" rule may have been the only good thing to come out of slavery. It makes Black Americans (United States Blacks) the most diverse in skin color. From Lena Horne to Louis Armstrong, from Adam Clayton Powell to Hazel Scott, from Lonette McKee to Cecily Tyson, from Dwayne(the Rock)JOhnson(yummy, yummy)to Wesley Snipes: ALL BLACK

...everybody but Tiger Woods--po' thaing.

D. Askew

what's really interesting here is a quick sweep of all the major gay blogs, only rod and pam mention that fox is biracial and/or black. none of the others mention it. interesting.


Rod & Pam did their homework, no doubt


@ D. Askew:

What CC said.
Darling, do you even have to ask?
Rod and Pam do their homework (especially on issues concerning our community) and don't simply cut and paste.

I think this is great news. Speaker Fox may not be "black" in the traditional, African American sense, but his roots are African, Rhode Island has a very large Cape Verdean population and I am very glad that he is representing.

And here here to Rev Kev! It's gangsta that we have a black gay blog that goes beyond the "down low" and Wendy Williams gossip to give us some much needed news on gay men across the African diaspora. Werk!


I'm darker than him, and I'm from Spain...

Chitown Kev

@D. Askew

I just checked a couple of them and Queerty did mention it as an afterthought but they didn't post his picture.

I was about to mention as a comment on towleroad but I decided not to...it does make you think...exactly what does "being black" or "race" mean.

And, yeah, the white man made the rules so Derrick from Philly is right


black my rear end. he is white lol. i dont understand why people feel the need to put themselves, or others put them in, a box. if u are biracial be just that. stop trying to please everyone.


Why is it that black people still hold on to the one drop rule anyway? we as a community always try to force biracial children to say they are only "just black" and ignore calling themselves something else to appease to the group. let slavery rules go and we would be much better as a people! and all black people aren't african americans. Obama would not have won the black vote if he just called himseld biracial...and yall know it. whats wrong with just saying biracial....save for the job applications. just let people be them..

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