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15 February 2010


Da' Realist One

If you haven't noticed, there's gonna be change come November and its not lookin' good for "us"...

These conservatives are sho' nuff comin' and trust boo boo they comin' to whoop some azz and these policians know it.

The Dems have really shown they are a weak group and the Republicans have said they are stepping their game up HARD and they are fixing to show out.

I don't know what its gonna take for us as Independents and Democrats to convey to our Democratic leaders that they need to show some spine, but one thing is for sure - if we don't do something and fast, we can forget about anything progressive for at LEAST another 10 years.

Real Talk...


I agree deeply-- WTF is going on??!!! The Dems are dropping out more and more-- The GOP is coming back stronger and stronger each day we lose a Dem (it all started when Ted kennedy passed.....) The Dem party seems to be split where's the unity?

Corve DaCosta

obama is having a night mare right now

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