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18 February 2010


Rodney M.

If this is indicative of what's to come in the next year (re: the return of the Republicans to office), then america is in big trouble. I suspect that folks wanted to send Obama a message in terms of his presidency thus far, but this just reeks of Americans (Virginians in particular) cutting off their noses to spite their faces. And this is why I tell my partner that I don't want to live in Virginia!


Of all the things this man needs to be concerned with--he made sure that THIS was his first act.

Hopefully his son or daughter turns out to be gay--that my friends would be KARMA in action.


What a major loser! I hope the residents of that state voice their outrage over this action-- what a way to start your term, breaking something that was fixed. I hope they sue him for this, as the gay couple did in Kristin M. Perry v. Schwarzenegger


But Virginia is for lovers...

James M

I can't wait till those skeletons come out his closet soon....


ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! That's awful! I hope there are protest over this, this should not be allowed to happen.

Oyun Destek


Taylor Siluwé

This is sad, but not unexpected. Since the election of Obama, membership in hate groups have spiked - because disgruntled McCain/Palin supporters needed something to do, I guess.

Then they turned into the Tea Party movement angry at Obama for any and everything. They attracted even crazier crazies like 'The Birthers' and the militants who come scrapped to townhalls ever prepared for Civil War II.

Mix all these nuts together, add a healthy dose of understandable Democratic voter apathy and voila - we get Scott Brown, Chris Christie, a Fundie Governor who immediately strips rights away, and some others I know about yet.

There is no need to wonder how McDonnell feels about repealing DADT; or his position on Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill. We can guess he and others are watching that situation closely to see how it turns out.

When the climate is right for them to really come after us, they gladly will. It's time we woke up from our delirium, the fundies are trying to take over again and spreading lies and misinformation to do it. They begin with the false premise that "gay" is a behavior not a being, or a person. From there anything they advocate is excusable (to them at least).

It's time we got pissed about that - and vocal. It's also why we should care about Uganda's bill. Because Uganda is just a test run inspired by Americans. The fundies would love to bring some of that bill home.

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