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08 February 2010



Yet more evidence that religion is evil.


I find the demographics of this very interesting. I think it shows that there continue to be deep, deep divisions in our community on this issue. I wonder what the support looked like by age-- there will likely be a similar gradient there.

I will say it before and I will say it again-- the more our black men and women leave these hateful churches the better we will be personally and the more that we will show those who despise us that we are not doormats who can be walked on. I am not shocked by the fact that churhgoers are so against marriage. The homophobia spewed from the pulpit is overwhelming at times, and the fact that so many church queens sit there and support it only proves to those who hate us that we deserve to be treated that way. If we don't respect ourselves enough to not willfully allow ourselves to be disrespected every Sunday, how can we expect other people to?

Chitown Kev

The number that alarmed me in this poll was that 70% of blacks feel that they should have the RIGHT to vote on the issue.

Oh, how soon they forget but then again, there have been a very few times in our history when black civil rights were subjected to a referendum of citizens.

That's galling and hypocritical of them.

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