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14 February 2010



It seems to me that Cheney sees the writing on the wall. But for his abrupt change on DADT, just like on marriage equality, I wish he would have had the courage of his convictions while VPOTUS.


Have I left earth and moved to Bazarro world? I've never agreed with Dick Cheney about anything. They can say it's going to take years to do way with the policy but I really do believe DADT will be a done deal by the end of the year.


Has hell froze over? Wow

Da' Realist One

I dont know, maybe I see it in a different view, but it strikes me as funny how all these high power politicians seem to trumpet GLBT equality AFTER they have stepped down from office...

Why wasn't all of this voice of reason spoken when you held the VP spot from 2000-2008?
Why did it take having your LESBIAN DAUGHTER coming out for you to all of a sudden have a change of heart?

Between him and Clinton I really don't know how to take all of this "change of heart" when so much could have been done while in executive positions of power.
Sure, its nice to hear NOW, but how politically expedient for all this to come out when you don't have a desire to run for office or have any major political influence ANYMORE...


Thanks Dick. Too little, too late, FCK U!


Purely because his daughter Mary came out. He wants the best for his children and sees how much this can hurt his own family.

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