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28 February 2010


Tim Lee

Bigotry never dies without a fight

William Lavender

Feelings, a survey. Wow then in that case we would all be guilty. But the thing is this. I don't understand how being gay effects doing your job in the field or not. Not one time, personally speaking, have I seen a drag queen in the field. Or for that matter doing something that would become of an officer. If you have to fight to prove something that you are not without being provoke then that says a lot of what you trying to fight for or hide.


McCain is just afraid of looking totally stupid. I saw him on MTP and listened to him try to speak in a low calm, monotone voice. It was a little scary. Like he was trying to keep from seeming angry or tea baggers crazy.
It will be repealed. That is a fact. It's just the timetable. What he has to say about it is irrelevant.

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