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05 February 2010



What does not make any sense to me is

President: "We may disagree about gay marriage...

Clinton:the Obama administration is “standing up for gays and lesbians who deserve to be treated as full human beings and "these are priorities of the Unitied States."

They really need to be 100% on all of it- ALL humans should have the right to marry, if they so choose. We may not personally agree, but that is why you must separate the personal views from the professional views, especially when you are dealing with a group that has a larger disposable income than that of the heterosexual majority.

Something to think about, huh?

BTW--When were partial human beings ever created?


I am thinking and this is me listening to what I have read and heard about the President that he feels that a marriage is between a one man and a one woman.

Da' Realist One

Ya'll are not alone in your confusion.

He simply is not able to voice his stance on various subjects and it shows. His teeter-tottering on the issues to try and balance his support between independents and AA's is going to cost him in the end.

I would have much more respect for him if he just went ahead and said his peace and let that be it. At least I would know where he truly stands and would make my decision much easier next time elections come. Trying to tow the line to appease everyone has made him appear "not as strong" (I won't use another word)


I will. He's weak. And show me the last time he's tried to shore up African American support with hard policy? This guy's a big disappointment.


Their statements were better than nothing, but it would have been more effective if Obama and Clinton had boycotted the event in protest.

Chitown Kev

I have to admit that the smack down of "The Family" adminsitered by Preseident Obama and Secretary Clinton in significant political rhetoric.

Yes, it's still rhetoric. But significant, nevertheless. I have to applaud the President here.

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