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21 February 2010



Yesss.. A person's sexual orientation should have nothing to do with their eligibility for the military! It's just stupid!

Tim Lee

As an ex-military guy, I can't tell you how gratifying it is to see our most senior military leaders coming down on the side of ending the discriminatory 'dont as dont tell' policy.

It is both amazing and amusing to see conservative republicans scrambling on this issue now that they can no longer simply say, "We should go with what the military leaders tell us."

I suppose they will have to come up with a new ideology now instead of using the old guard to prop up their prejudices.

Cocoa Rican

Prehistoric ideals from such a progressive country. The US really does need to do better on social issues. I guess with concerns over number of enlisted bodies in our military we may now get some common sense kicking in.

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