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18 February 2010


Rodney B.

This is great news. Congrats to him

Taylor Siluwé

Huge kudos!

It was a great night for America, having retaken the lead in gold medals with the help of Shani Davis, Shaun White, and others.

Rodney M.

1) After all the (unnecessary) drama he went through with Kendrick during the Turin Games, I am glad to see him triumph with gold in Vancouver! Go Shani!

2) ...and the way he fills out his spandex uniform ain't bad, either! (I'm just saying.)


GEAUX Shani!!!!


Shani Shani Shani.......


Congrats!! OMG that bulge is SWEET!!!


I can't believe didn't make any commentary on how fine Shani is. He also appears to be very comfortable holding hands with other men in public. This is news worth talking about regardless of his sexuality!

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor

18 Feb 2010

Peace Rod & ALL!

Twice Olympic Gold Speedskating Champion Shani Davis is truly one phenomenal athlete and indeed, a consummate sportsman for the record books!

Concentration, consciousness and compassion mark Shani's approach to his own endeavors and endearment to other Olympians and those of us, who recognize him being the great Human Being, as well, as a devoted athlete and highly respected competitor, that he is already and still becoming.

While NBC still seems to fall short in their own recognition and ability to focus on Shani's unique achievements, they did get it right having a clip of the Washington, DC Inner City Excitement [ICE] Skating Club youths celebrating joyously this "young, gifted and Black," bruthaman-mentor's historic 1000-meter skating f-i-r-s-t!

He has generously given his time in visiting these boys and girls and now, once more, sharing not only last night's victory but a vision for their own aspirations being realized in athletics or other individual or group endeavors!

Having met personally other greats: Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Mohammed Ali, I see that tremendous inner strength and peace in Shani, empowering his abilities against any and all adversaries, thus far, not the least of which is NBC, at times.

I would suggest Shani's world and olympic speedskating skills and personal victories are realizing and reflecting "Something Inside So Strong," in the words and music of Labi Siffre.

Indeed, his own actions and achievements are speaking louder in his life, now, as his young legacy has silenced already the words of many critics.

Well done! You ARE a champion at the Olympics and in the hearts of people around our One World!

You go, go, go Shani: "Gotta catch 'em all!"

Respectfully in the Spirit,

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor
One World Life Systems

Rodney M.

@strong4u: Obviously it was your job to point out how fine Brother Shani is...although all of us knew that already! ;-)

captain ham

that boy's packin' a bulge. no homo.

Rodney M.

@captain ham: why "no homo"? especially here at this site?

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