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15 February 2010




The Truth

He took a risk, but this was a mess.


i saw this all over the blogs today and still cant see what the big deal was...now had he had on those pants with no leggings under neath and some fierce open toe heels then we would be on to somethin...so YAWN!


FAIL! You know you need to sit down, if you have to wear fake abs! I Love Usher, but he needs to go back to the drawing board!


Yeah- Ushertina was in full effect here for the All-Star

Anthony Williams

Yeah, I was in the audience - in the pit right there (even got to see Usher stretching on the ground after rehearsals, haha) and didn't notice that stuff at all. I mean, I saw the breastplate of righteousness and all, but definitely not the pants. Don't see the big deal anyway, but meh.


Oh Lawd now all the queens will be wearing leather capris from Old Navy for 19.99. I can see the commerical now...


leather capris...LOL

Garçon Stupide

Shame they couldn't do anything about his weird squishy face.

Someone needs to tell him Trey Songz took his spot, and it's just embarrassing now.


Wow. I didn't realize our people could hate so hard. Please step away from the haterade.


LOL.. I'm with you MCWHEELS. It's not my favorite Usher outfit but it's not that bad. It is show business after all.


@ McWheels1973

Who are you calling a hater?
Anyone on this blog has a RIGHT to cut up on Usher, as many mean spirited, homophobic, antigay comments he has made over all the years. A few were even linked in the post above.

Surely you're aware of the homophobic comments Usher has made? And the many rumors that have surrounded him? There cant be a black gay man reading this blog that hasnt heard them. Its been reported here for years. Unless you're one of those types who likes to keep pretending homophobic hip hop stars and rappers don't make homophobic comments.



I'm with you Dalton. I'll never understand why so many gay brothas always rush to defend the straight black men who always kick gays in the teeth. Oh and hi Freeleo!

McWheels, you must be new to this blog. A few catty comments on a blog about Usher's outfit is not "hate". Usher's homophobic remarks about f_gs, anal sex, gays and religion and more is HATE. You really need to stop using that word because it's used against us and you clearly don't see it.


I'm with Dalton and Faison....Usher doesn't get any love from me. I'm so tired of dudes like Usher, playing people for fools, then have to nerve to dog gays....like he ain't one.


and here i thought we were critiquing and outfit..


I dont see anything with the outfit that screams gay. I just dont. I think one blog started all of this and everyone just hoped on the band wagon. Had he come out on stage with Richard Simmons shorts on or even had beat his face and arched his eyebrows like a NYC Christopher street kid, then I would have thought something was wrong with the outfit. Next>>>>>>>>>


This is what happens when your career is coming to a sudden, sad end. 2010 will see the last gasps of this B list has been.


I like the look! What's the big deal again?


Yea, I've heard the rumors. I don't deal in rumors. I deal in fact. If I dealt in rumors, perhaps you heard the rumors that gay people can be turned straight? Now, as LGBT folks we know that that is BS, but when we hear a rumor about a star, we are quick to believe it. Furthermore, rumors are started by folks who dislike the person the rumors is about. I say again: Step away from the haterade
Those are not "rumors". Usher made those comments himself and was quoted here and here. Usher also says gay people can be turned straight here. smhlolz @ "haterade" -RM


I truly love the leather breastplate outfit. Usher definitely wears it well. Very hot and weltering!

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