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13 February 2010



Horrible. Epic fail. I applaud the thought, but...Hasn't Haiti suffered enough? I did give another $25 to the Clinton Bush Haiti fund though, but I won't be buying this mess.

Da' Realist One

Oooh Oh my. I have mixed reactions...

First off, I absolutely loved Mary Mary, BeBe Winans, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, and I just holla'd when I heard PINK (that girl put it down.. )

But... There were moments when I paused and had to say, "Oooh Lawd, what is this"? when there were sudden outbursts of Wyclef, T-Pain, Lil Wayne and Kanye - not to mention I almost fell out at the rap break in the middle of it, OMG!

I like the song, but this new version is highly studio dubbed and lacks the raw emotion and authenticity the original one had in my opinion.

Nonetheless, its for a good cause and people's hearts were in the right place.

D. Eubanks

How dreadful.
A month after the disaster they are trying to tell people how to donate? I've been donating to UNICEF and Red Cross.

And more mugging for the camera?


This was awful, the thought behind it was right but it can't touch the original.


I have to agree, it wasn't that great. I didn't hate it but didn't love it. The only meaningful and touching part were Wyclef shouting "AYITI, AYITI" in the end which I loved as a Haitian American. Jennifer should have sung the whole song by herself and would have made me cry like an infant.

Chitown Kev


I liked a few of the vocals (Celine Dion was good, although she wasn't as good as Cyndi Lauper), Mary J. Blige, and the rap part was actually OK.

I didn't like the original all that much but for sheer star power and voices it was not to be beat. This comes nowhere near that.

Rodney B

This was an awful and hideous mess. Like my fellow posters mentioned, the best parts were Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion and Pink. The Michael/Janet part was cute but you could barely hear her. LOL The rest was of the song was awful including the rap part which was a major mistake.

There are just certain songs you don't touch and this is one of them. The original was off true emotion and wasn't over dubbed, etc. and you can sense the passion in their singing. And with this version you just don't get that!

I think unfortunately it was a spring board for lots of artists who are approaching the decline in their careers (i.e. Akon, Kanye, Jamie, etc.)


I am proud of the clarion call and all of the artists who responded in such a magnanimous way. Bringing all of this talent into the same room, one night, to get this done...AMAZING!

Having said that, IT WAS ALL OF THIS TALENT!!!! How do you have Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight, Phillip Bailey (EWF) and Faith Evans in the room and THEY don't sing solos but several artists were repeated? And...MILEY CYRUS? Really? A vocal solo? I was kind of moved by the hiphop/rap break because it gave the song new life and currency for the new generation, but overall...not sure....OK, I am sure. I didn't like it. The use of auto-tune 3 TIMES was weird and more of a production thing than the sincere effort to support.

We definitely needed this reminder, but...THIS reminder? I'm just not sure. There were a few moments of vocal wow, but ultimately, to have had literally TWICE as many artists in the room (85 vs. the original 45) and not spread it out more was just still more sales than community and effort.

Bless it. I hope that it does well and that we don't let Haiti die away. With New Orleans seeing such an upswing lately with the Saints SuperBowl win, maybe we'll stay active and vocal.

Anyway, I missed it last night and Thanks again, Rod, for being always on it!!!


I hate having to say I don't like it, b/c it's for such a good cause, but...er, um, I don't like it! I already have a thing about the industry's constant need to "remake" everything, but I agree with what other posters have said- how do so many singers (the ones who can actually sing!)end up singing in the background while Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Hannah Montana get solos?? And you can't even hear Janet Jackson (which is fine) over Michael being overdubbed in. And it sounds like someone ran the whole song through the auto-tune, making it sound totally robotic..I mean trendy.And lame. It's a worthy cause for sure, but not really an inspiring effort. (Sorry)


Wait...Gladys Knight was there? I must have missed her in the video (maybe I was too busy wincing at that girl from the Pussycat Dolls), but Gladys Knight was there? And she didn't get a solo? But Justin Bieber and Hannah Montana got solos? Wow.


I have toi disagree with most of trhe posters. I think It was a great effort. As for the rap break, can any of you tell me if rap was acknowledged as even an art form back then. I don't think so. Like I said, for thiss time, for this cause, it was a great effort! BRAVO!


I have to agree with the others. It was a nice gesture and a worthy cause, but I remember the original and all of the big stars at that time were on the song and some of the stars on this version were C & D list stars.....T-pain, Miley Cyrus....Trey Songs Jamie Fox???? Will these people even be around in a couple of years?

Where were Beyonce, Taylor Swift & Lady Gaga? Where were the stars from other genres of music? Also, I think it would have been great if they had Natalie Cole, Gladys Knight and some of the old stars sing duets with new stars.

I did like the rap interlude, but where was Jay-Z?


This sucked!

Wycleaf crazy singing, if you wanna call it singing.


I'd hardly say Cyrus, Pain, and Foxx are C and D list stars. I personally don't like any of them or their music, but these people are what's selling right now. They aren't necessarily ICONs which is what I suspect you were getting at. With that said, both versions of the song are kind of wack to me, but ensemble pieces (whether music or movie) don't do it for me anyhow.

Also, yes it was annoying to see people like Faith Evans singing background while some people got multiple parts.

Tim Lee

Just to provide some context here, the original "We are the World" single was a worldwide commercial success. It topped music charts throughout the world and became the fastest-selling American pop single in history.

I was in the Navy back then - just out of boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. You literally couldn't sick your head out a door anywhere without hearing that song.

Like everyone else, I applaud the thought behind this but as a 'product' it would never stand alone on its own merits. It is kind of a disjointed mess and often makes you cringe while listening.


With all the true vocal talent there why did they produce this mess? Pink, Babra, Celine, jennifer, Adam Levine..yes! Those others were dreadful. If Janet could not commit, then replace her with someone else.


So as a whole, I liked it! Okay well Jennifer, Pink, and Celine carried it for me. The comments have turned into a full on comparison, so well, let's get to it!

Jennifer sang some of Stevie's lines, I know yall aint hatin on her, she killed. Barbara sang Diana,..like really, it's Babs,..Diana was never any great voice. Who said Celine didn't do as well as Cyndi Lauper? Really? No wait, really? What are you hearing? Celine goes off!

I hated Justin, Miley, T-Pain, and Akon's pro-tools/auto-tuned messes,..BUT in retrospect, Lil-Wayne's autotune hit me just right! If you recall that was Bob Dylan's line,.and it sucked. Lil-Wayne's is just as tolerable.

I agree that there were better singers in this new ensemble that weren't featured,..seems your airtime was directly correlated to your hotness in the market right now (Faith, Gladys no solo?)

The rap, well, uh, what was that extra layer of "rough" added on in post production? I felt like a werewolf was hunting me in a horror flick, but I guess it brings things a bit more current. I'm on the fence about it, leaning more on the "cut it" side.

Seems nostalgia has overtaken many of the comments in the thread, there was camera-mugging and sh!tty voices in the original, to call this new version phony and disastrous is to turn a deaf ear to some (not all) truly talented and committed musicians.

Oh, if I wasnt clear, someone please edit Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Akon, T-Pain and, uh yeah the rap - out of this. Also turn Janet's mic on,..I mean up.

don't interrupt....Rude

This was an over sung, too much fake emotion, mess. I will just listen to the original. This just shows the state of music today. TSK TSK


Although the cause is appreciated, the talent was a hot mess...raggae, rap, pop, R&B, GOSPEL...so much talent,and so little production...HOT MESS....highlights...Micheal 25 yrs ago, Jenniffer Hudson, Celion..and..oh well.....

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