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19 March 2010



What an idiot...nothing more to say beyond that but it shows U the level some will go to stop change.


I'm glad he has made such outrageous statements. This means there is even more ammunition to fight with against DADT. When the whole military of the Netherlands says that what he says is garbage, then higher ups should listen. To say such garbage.... Then what can be said about other losses that country had when there weren't openly gay soldiers serving. His statement works to serve our side even more because it shows such open mis-information and hostility.


Sorry. This idiot should to to Bosnia. RIGHT NOW! Pack your stuff and hop a flight. - If you ever visited the Balkans you will realize that these people have TONS of other shit going on amongst themselves to even care the slightest about anything that might or not be going on in the Dutch or any other army for that matter. These people have been and still are entirely concerned with their very own obsessions. There is just no room for such stupid outsider's business on the Balkans. - And besides, does this idiot honestly thing that the American "Don't ask, don't tell" mentality means there are no gays in the U.S. armed forces? Oh! Maybe that's why there was war in Iraq, General Sheehan?! Hmmmm???!!!!! I will never understand those American pseudoconservatives. Sorry, General, but finding somebody to blame is no solution at all. - And oh, isn't it American nature to lead or leave?! With such unqualified comments, General, you better leave and the American public would do very good in finally realizing the true intentions of such crap remarks.

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