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12 March 2010


Baltimore Femme

Miss Diana isn't coming to Bmore but I can hustle down to Bethesda, no worries.

Taylor Siluwé

Awesome ...


will try to make NYC... was just watching Mahogany for the nth time


Iconic IS the operative word for Miss Ross, yes! Became obsessed with her in the third grade (strange little black gay child, different from all the others in elementary! lol) and here I am in my 40s STILL "after" this wonderful woman... not many in the music industry will have this type of staying power.


i think i might plan a vac in another city this time to see her. thanks rod for the heads up

Byron Monte

i am also SO gonna be there!

Rod Mc

Why didnt I think of that?
Thanks Byron, I added the video and thanked you! -RM

Chitown Kev


Damn, now I have to watch Mahogony for the nth + 1 time (it's got to be at least 30 times).

Having been born and raised in Detroit, it's always been a curious thing with Miss Ross. There was all the Supremes drama with Florence, for one, but as I grew older and moved away I've loved to love me some Miss Ross.


Beyonce has patterned her career from Diana Ross but she would only wish she had Diana's staying power. Bey may indeed make more money but she will NEVER be an icon the way Diana Ross has. NEVER!

Chitown Kev

Oh, and as far as "Love Hangover" is concerned...

I'm almost ashamed to say that I call this song the "sis*y test".

If a man MUST shake his hips, bob his head, and (maybe) raises his hands and say "Heey" when the song goes uptempo then he is gay.

The longer the "Heeey" the more of a queen he is.

Something about that song busts those closet door down (and I love Mariah Carey's remake of that with Heartbreaker at the Divas Live 2000)

Now, I'm looking on youtube trying to find all of these remixes of her classic tunes (including some relatively recent ones; I'm tuning in to a remix of "I'm Coming Out" now).

Damn, Rod, why ya do this to me?

Honut Sinti

Thank you!


What does Beyonce have to do with this article?

Anyway, staying on subject.... BRAVO to Queen Diana! She is truly a Glamour girl. I will try to take my Mom (who loves her) to see her when she comes to D-Town!!


Wow!, I live in London UK. I'm NOW thinking of taking a week off work to come to LA with my boyfriend and then watch her perform.
Aint no ... lol!


Thanks Rod..One of my fav concert memories was D.Ross in Central Park performing in the rain.She's a true DIVA who fed the kids well that day.


No words. Going to see her n Detroit.-QH


thanks so much for this news! is and always be my ultimate diva, have seen her 5 times over the past 25 yrs, gotta makes plans for L.A.


Can you say D-I-V-A! OMG this woman has stage presence like no other. I wish she was coming to my neck of the woods, I missed her in 2007, but I think I am going to go to her, Its just worth it to see one of the great icons of music.

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