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24 March 2010


Georgia Peach

I'm gonna say it....
It's always the fine ones! Dayumn lol


when will it end? who (Black, white, Asian, Latin, gay, straight, bi, trans) - who can use which words:


Is it not all a little insulting?


"Byrd was seriously injured after a car accident last year and spent his first NFL season on the bench. He plans to return to Louisiana State University to finish his last few credits to graduate."

Hopefully there are some English classes in his future. His Tweets are almost unreadable. And this guy makes millions of dollars per year...smh

The Truth

No, that tweet did not get him cut? The tweet was meant to be funny...although it wasnt. The statement was silly, but it wasn't that inflammatory. I don't think you can even compare it to the LJ thing. smh


No, I don't think Byrd's situation is comparable to LJ's at all but it's worth mentioning its definately related. Byrd prob was cut bc he was on DL (Disabled List) for a whole season. But i don't think he is doing himself any favors by constantly Tweeting about it.

And the comments about "I dont swing that way"...wow we know that dude


if he was cut it was because he wasnt a useful player on the team. i dont think the tweet had anything to do with it.


yea he was prolly cut bc he wasn't playing and he is only a so so player anyway. but the tweet shows he is immature,why not just come out and say 'naw they cut me bc i wasnt producing for the team'?

he is so defensive on the topic maybe the stupid 'gay' tweet was icing on the cake


Tristian I was thinking the same thing when I read this. It is amazing how people on blogs and tweets are so ignorant and negative. Numerous people post such ignorance and cannot complete a sentence. It just shows a person cannot depend on sports and looks alone.


He wasn't even going to be able to play this year either was he? The team has a few holes to fill and they needed the roster spot, a tweet like that wouldn't get him cut, they already have 1 of the best WR's in the league and a very good 2nd WR plus a first WR who was a first round pick just sitting on the bench. This guy was a 7th round pick and they usually don't make the team anyway so no him being cut had nothing to do with his "tweet"


The tweet was ignorant and not as funny as he'd intended it to be. However, he' still protesting just a tad bit too much. Let it go already ignoramus

Kevin Perez

Thankfully, I know plenty of "fems" who have boyfriends/husbands that are stereotypically "butch" and "masculine" like this guy who have preference a flaming queen, which is a rare.

What does that have to with any this? 'Cuz the biggest homos are usually the ones that (try) to act all macho and thuggish and "manly" to the point they may decieve these stupid women (y'all know who you are) that assume we're just your lap dogs and think "my man ain't anything like that!" and stupid religious people and other straights but just about anybody here probably has better gaydar than most of those fools.

Oh and I found this rather amusing. It gave me quite the chuckle, something I don't get much these days.

Faith Richards

Is it gay to appreciate a good singer? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I really wish people would open their eyes and realize that nothing and nobody can make you gay. Either you are or you aren't. End of story.

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