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01 March 2010


Da'Realist One


This is awesome. Like I've said before, politicians WILL NOT fight nor legislate equality UNLESS we exercise our political power and enforce repercussions on those who choose otherwise.

The Republicans has had free reign in using scare tactics, religious institutions, NOW LARGE BUSINESSES (all thanks to the SCOTUS) to push their agenda and hate across this nation - AND IT'S BEEN SUCCESSFUL EACH AND EVERY TIME.

Democratic voters (& Dem leaning Independents) should have recieved a well deserved wake up call and reality check about the mindset and willingness (or lack therof) on the lengths many of our so called politicians will go to ensure equality for GLBT people, now its time to fight fire with fire.

Jersey State Equality has gotten the message and is changing gears, and now Fight Back New York.

I pray this will start a successful trend of energizing GLBT people to demand, fight, and proactively seek their rightful equality under the law.

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