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13 March 2010


Jaysin Webb

I love Vivian Green!


OMG!! I've been waiting for her to come back!! LOVE VIVIAN!!!


Its time for some REAL music in 2010. I can't wait!


I'm a huge Vivian Green fan, Rod.
She is so talented and vastly under rated. But quite the songwriter, ask Britney Spears and Boyz II Men.

Thanks a million for this and I am loving the music you have featured lately. So much diversity here, this site is like a fabulous gay dinner party conversation.


This woman makes me smile! Love her! She is soooo underrated.


Very nice cover...tastefully done. She looks like a mature woman, not like a wh0re, like certain other popular singers tries to look like. I liked her debut album a lot.


I am a huge Vivian Green fan as well and will be attending her show on April 5, 2010 at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. DMV fans should get your tickets now because she always sell out at that venue. I love all her songs and think she do not get her due in the industry and that is a shame but I am just happy I get new music from my baby gurl to add to my collection which is on heavy rotation on my IPOD! The song is so Beautiful and heart felt as usual which I wish one day we fans can be treated to a live CD/DVD of her stage show which is something that must be experienced in person.



Eh, I just don't know. Having purchased both her previous releases (she also had longer hair for her self titled sophomore album), I can say that 90% of the time she sounds like she's singing the same note. (Beyonce has this unfortunate trait too, get it in full effect during the 1st & 2nd verses of "Get Me Bodied.")

I'll probably buy this album too, $10 at Target isn't that much, though only because I'm still floating on how good her first album was. I wanna believe in her, maybe she just needs better melody writers to find different notes? I hope I'm explaining myself somewhat coherently, an example of a singer who enjoys great diversity in his melody is Ne-Yo - not the best singer by a mile, yet his music sounds like music. Ofttimes Vivian can sound like I'm pressing the same note on a Casio throughout the majority of the song, hopefully she'll find some new notes on this album.


Come ON, VIV!!


IT. IS. ABOUT. TIME. WHAT?1?!??! Love VG, own both her albums.-QH

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