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21 March 2010



Just astonishing...Barack got it done...Obama rocks


I am of two minds about this bill.

Most of the left wing sites I know are quite opposed to it, and they claim it is worse than nothing at all. (Look at the Black Agenda Report, for example.)

It is definitely true that this whole spectacle has been disgusting. “Single payer” was never even considered by anyone in power (despite Obama’s pretending early on to be in favor of it, at least in front of certain audiences). The “public option” got thrown into the trash basket as fast as they could manage it. This bill will mean even more profits and even more power to the health insurance companies—companies that by all rights shouldn’t even exist at all.

I am no expert on this bill. (Could anyone be, considering it is 2,000 pages long? I have read that the single payer bill, H.R. 676, on the other hand, was just 50 pages long!) But the bill can’t be as completely worthless as all the left wing sites say. Some people are going to be helped by this bill, even if helping them does profit the scoundrels at the insurance companies.

Given how pathetic this nation is, if this bill helps a few folks stay alive or in good health, that is at least something. If it enables some people to leave hated jobs that they hold only for health insurance coverage, that is at least something.

It is precisely because some people will be helped that the right wing fights it so hard.

We shall see. Perhaps this will be nothing but a big boondoggle for the already rich. Let’s hope it is something more than that.

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