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09 March 2010



View the new documentary "House of Numbers" to see why questions about this must be raised and deeper issues about HIV and AIDS need to be discussed. Lives are at risk, and this is the first documentary with the worlds foremost authorities highlights the scientific problems with HIV testing, science, statistics, and why there is no cure. If sheds new light on a misunderstood phenomena. GO to http://bit.ly/bGwuST to see the trailer.

Truth about AIDS as told by Dr. Luc Montagnier. AIDS can be reversed. Nutrition is the answer. http://bit.ly/bGwuST


The more we know the more we dont know... therefore WE should take what we do know for certain more seriously. i.e the manner in which it is transmitted!

Far too many young men are still becoming infected today.


couldn't agree with you more nahtans. our community has been dealing with this now close to 30 years yet so few of us have modified our behavior. that's the sad part to me.


@nahtans and FREELEO

Co-sign 100%.

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