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11 March 2010



Lee Daniels is impressed with something about Lenny Kravitz... and it aint his "acting". I'm just sayin...




LOL....sooooooo truthful. I love me some Lenny Kravitz and he's an amazing artist, beautiful person and SEXY AS SATURDAY AFTERNOON BY THE LAKE, but I think you are so right. Lenny will be a great actor one day and I know that Lee wants to work with him but I don't see him as Andrew Young!

I hope that they both prove us so wrong, because I want Lenny to be amazing.

I think I want to see him contemporary and sexy and in a biopic, I don't know. But Lee Daniels is proving to be a seriously astute director, so do the dang thang!!!



I know what Lee Daniels sees in Lenny and I aint mad.

But does this too predictable already? Lenny Kravitz, Hugh Jackman ... who will be MLK? I mean really tho!


Andrew Young is short (5'5) while Lenny is tall (5'11)...I like Lenny but this casting is not right...Lee Daniels is something else..we know what is on his mind...keeping with this casting scenario, I guess MLK will be Brian White (fron This Christmas) or Columbus Short (From Stomp the Yard)...smh.


I like Lee Daniels work and I am beginning to trust his casting instincts so I will reserve my judgment until the movie bows....


...I guess MLK will be Brian White (fron This Christmas) or Columbus Short (From Stomp the Yard)...

Hmm, probably not. That casting wouldn't be "edgy" enough for Lee. Lee likes his men white or high yella. I am sure there is a role for Stephen Dorff in this film, didnt Lee publicly drool over Stephen's pink peen in his last film Shadowboxer?


I am pretty sure its not Lenny's acting talent but I will enjoy looking at the man anyway.


Daniels was able to pull academy award performances out of a comic and an unknown non-actor (her first performance). I will wait to see what he will do next. If the actor trusts the director, there could be performances one never dreamed of before created.

Lenny is about the same complexion as Young and height doesn't matter in the movies. You can always adjust for that by having a tall cast or certain actors taller than others to create height. That's simple magic.

Daniels knows his butt is on the line now and he is pulling heavyweights likes DeNiro and others. I will always back him 100%. I'm sure this will have an edge to it. He doesn't seem to go for just traditional historical dramas, but he just might to show a range of styles he can work in.


@ Everett:
Bitter much?

Honut Sinti

I think Lenny may actually do a fierce Andrew Young set. Lee may be on target.

alicia banks




"...who will be MLK?"



My first reaction was that, while Kravitz could probably look something like Andrew Young, he is a lot older now than Young was in 1965. (46 years old vs. 33.)

But I guess make-up and lighting can take of that.

Derrick from Philly

I LOVE Lee Daniels....and I love Patrick Ian Polk, and Stephen Winter, and Quincy Lenear, and Deondray Gossett, and Maurice Jamal, and Bill Duke, and Julie Dash, and John Singleton, and Forrest Whitaker, and Rodney(Brother to Brother)...Evans, and Spike Lee, Poitier and Belafonte and Ossie. And the father of all of 'em: Oscar Micheaux (sorry, I know I don't have his name spelled correctly)

Derrick from Philly

Oh, my God! How could I forget Marlon Riggs (a different genre of film making, but nevertheless, a ground breaker).

Also, I think Bill Cosby and Debbie Allen opened some directing doors also. Well, I'm grateful to all of 'em. But I do want Spike Lee to win an Oscar...he gave a strong push to so many black actors' careers...of course, maybe he couldn't care less at this point--I doubt it. Everybody who makes movies wants an Oscar...eventually.

Kevin Perez

Isn't his mother one of the neighbors from The Jeffersons?....

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