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12 March 2010


Kevin Perez

Uh oh! Let the scapegoating begin!


Exactly Kevin...

They are using this young woman as a scapegoat and a focal point for their vile hatred. She's going to be harassed and has already been targeted.

Again, ENOUGH! I hope that they sue the school, the school district, the state and take this to the Supreme Court.

I don't even understand this. When I went to the prom, a LOT of guys bought tickets together and we just hung out when we got there. I even took an official photo WITH MY BEST FRIEND. He's straight and married today, but we laugh at the fact that we looked like a couple in our prom photo!

I am so sick of America. This is like a bad episode of COFFEE TIME: America is neither the Land of the Free NOR the Home of the Brave--DISCUSS!


I'm glad Constance has the love of self and confidence to stand openly against the school boards disgusting discriminatory practices. I hope this all turns out great for her. She's a fantastic young woman and I'm so proud of her!

Kevin Perez

Had it been a Black lesbian woman, the world would come to an end in Mississppi.

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