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01 March 2010



>>>Richardson continues the recent trend of documenting Kobe's biceps ... oh and armpits, too, if you like that sort of thing.

Yes we do!!!


hell yea that MFer is phine

Baltimore Femme

Yes daddy yes


@ Rod:
You know you love Kobe. You need to get a room somewhere lol

But its all good, the photos are lovely. Richardson has a great eye.

maurice lucas

@Rod (and of course everyone else) am I the only one who feels ill at ease with the pictures of Kobe, particuarly the last one before the jump. I can't help but look at this face of aggression and be reminded that this is an accused rapist and he was not acquitted of the charges, he was not found guilty; they case was dropped after the complainant withdrew her complaint and in our society, rape-culture that it is--that can hardly be used as proof of his innocence. It really bothers me how people like him, chris brown, and others can have aggressive, violent, abusive, assaulting behavior towards and on women and still we will worship them because they are "fine."

Former COGIC

>>"this is an accused rapist and he was not acquitted of the charges, he was not found guilty; they case was dropped...and in our society that can hardly be used as proof of his innocence."

Actually, you have it all backwards. In our society you're INNOCENT until proven GUILTY so if charges are dropped, that means you're not guilty.

And I'm hardly a Chris Brown fan but Chris Brown was CONVICTED. Big big difference between being CONVICTED and being accused. That was a cheap shot and tryinng to lecture Rod, when he was letting the kids have it for celebrating Chris Brown.


Kobe is cute but I cant get past his smugness.


that first picture is the business. I hate unshaven underarms, but they look hot on Kobe.


terry richardson is a brilliant photographer. he managed to get all the emotions and looks from kobe ... playful, sexy, business, athletic.

i think he is an outstanding athelete but as FF said he does come across as arrogant. more so than most athletes. maybe thats because he grew up in europe, maybe because he is smarter than most ballers. but he does come across as 'smug'. sexy as hell, tho lol.


Someone named "Butchie" who hates unshaven underarms? Irony much?

Great spread, he's one of a few future husbands (mechad is another) who doesn't realize it yet.

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