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24 March 2010


Kevin Perez

I like how the folks you would think support the LGBT (or at least attempt to) like this chick or the gay magnet Nene claims to be, are NEVER any where to be seen and seem to enjoy the ghey only when it comes to fashion, hair, your nails and etc...Oh and the compliments and the tired @$$ claim A LOT of females claim "I love ghey people!!11"


This broad is confused. It wouldn't surprised me if this is just a build up to the new season.

All these dumb females should be embarrassed to be on this show. Embarrassing their kids.


Oh and what does Miss "Gay Magnet" Nene have to say about this? Nothing nice, I am sure. Miss Nene thinks the gays are good for a laugh and to do her hair and makeup.

Thanks for supporting No H8 Kim!
Thanks for supporting No H8 Nene...oh thats right you DIDNT!!!!


LOL @ WhatUThink @Kevin Faison

Taylor Siluwé

I try not to waste my time watching any of those silly reality shows, so I don't know these people.

But anyone who say's "I don't believe love has a gender" is pretty cool in my book. Go girl!


Kim is the true definition of a Hot Ass Mess!

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