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08 March 2010






Who hasn't heard this piss-poor excuse for rationalizing hate. When will officials learn that they exactly have jobs and not simple Census takers who go out and get survey numbers and then vote? ENOUGH!

So for the 1st time that I can think of, the gay community is going to have to work to unseat a gay man!



what a despicable, miserable, hateful fcked up individual. He deserves all the backlash that I hope is heaped onto his self hating ass. He is a coward of the first degree.


Can the gay community throw him back and say "You straights can have him back, we don't want 'im!"?

Andy Niable

Reggieh For The Win!



He voted against anything gay to keep that money is was being paid.


Another walking contradiction on the loose in our senate...


Piece. of. crap.

J Matt

This man is such a sorry excuse. Ugh. Hypocrite to the 19th power.


Instead of vilifying the man, why not now (since he's admitted his homosexuality) reach out to him? Not every individual who dwells in the closet is going to gracefully exit, especially when the community he's finally admitting to belonging to is persecuting him.

This may be another issue as to why so many do not exit the closet. It isn't just fear of being judged by heterosexuals, but by homosexuals too. I don't think gays should be a haven for demonization either. If you want folks to come out of the closet, they're going to need to feel safe doing so.

His anti-gay voting record can not be explained away. Surely for his own selfish reasons he wanted to vote against gays to deflect the albatross of rumor. But he is right on one account that I think is lost on most elected officials. They are REPRESENTATIVES, not ordained rulers. It is their duty to represent the views of their constituency in the Capitol. Not to be of their own accord.


He's right, though...he voted as his constituents would. He represents the 18th district and the thing that people forget these days is senators aren't supposed to vote with their own personal feelings. If they did, you'd have their heads like with what happened with Jim Bunning and his personal feelings affecting unemployment extension.

It's like any other job...we wake up, go to work, and do whatever bull the corporation wants us to do to get that paycheck and move up, despite our personal feelings. "Yes, ma'am. I do understand that you lost your job recently but I can't waive the late fee. Company policy."

I do believe they still teach politics in high school, right?
So you its okay for closeted gay politicians to demonize gays and deny us our rights because their "constituents would"? What about during the 1960s when civil rights laws were passed ..,. do you think the majority of people wanted to give black people rights? Should congressmen have taken polls? Oh and being a state senator or congressman is not "like any other job", not when you can vote on rights, laws and liberties. smh -RM

Former COGIC

@ Osiris:

How is that closet working out for you? Let me guess....you attend one of those antigay, bible thumping churches, too.

Any black gay men who can come on this site and support a white closeted anti-gay Republican...who you know doesnt support black folks either, Obama or our issues...must deep in their own closet. Politicians are supposed to hold up the constitution and do what is best for the people, not lie and pretend their are merely reflecting their constituents.


How can he sleep well at night!!!


@ Osiris
REALLY Should we poll everyone and ask them should gay people have rights? What about handicap people? What about AIDS funding, should we poll people on that and vote accordingly?

And I'm not even going to touch you defending some closet case. I guess closeted antigay pastors are doing the "right" thing too, because they're saying what their churches believe? I guess you never heard of hyppocrisy, do what i say not what i do?


This is about as bad a black man wearing a KKK outfit, actively participating in the violence of his own people, and then turn around and go to the 'hood to kick it.

This hypocrate must be burned at the stake! Self-hatred must end! Maybe they should consider suicide....? Just a thought-

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