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08 March 2010



They'll rescind these stupid acts when one of their closet-homos contract the AIDS from the gloryholes they frequent.


The state that gave us Strom Thurmond—and d*mn proud of it, despite his black daughter—is constantly trying to outdo itself in its alliance with Satan.

No matter how evil they get down there, they just never will be satisfied.

We need to give the good people a little time to let get out of there, and then we need to force the state to secede. Let them burn by themselves in the flames of Hell, like they’ve always wanted.

Orlando Perez

Great way to tell those in need, that "WE" The North Carolina Legislation don't care about "OUR" constituents health needs! HIV/AIDS is not going away by simply making services non existant... Way to represent your N.C. Infected/Affected Women on the eve of National Women's and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day!!!

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