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04 March 2010



YES boo! dark and muscles omg


Why does it look like they're playing in their underwear? Not that I'm complaining, but those 'compression shorts'....??? OH baby....You GO! UnderArmour:)



John Ozed

love the UnderAmour on him...

James M

I'm gawking at them legs.... Drooling at Pic 3

He Bop

I know I'll stand alone on this one, but I will stand proudly. I have a major issue with this part of the event. They might as well let them run around naked and pretend the football field is a slave plantation. And, for a sport that proclaims to be homophobic, this event is homoerotic to the max. Also, the statements made by some of the commentators during this event were outrageous, including one commentator saying that you should look at ass on one of the players.

I saw this event myself, and was embarrassed that these young black men were showcased in this way. Of course, the black players probably thought it was cool and could never understand how used they were. I see no real purpose in straight men having straight football players "flop around" in revealing shorts all in the name of corporate sponsorship.

A lot of people see this event as athleticism and product endorsement. I don't buy it one bit. It's a farce. We need to look beyond the eye candy and see the otherside of the issue. If this is what NFL football is all about, I can know understand why so many players remain on the DL. Apparently, this is where the real deal is, and it's clearly all worthwhile.

Jim J.

He Bop...you probably should discuss this with your therapist. I'm with everyone else. Yum!


I'm with He Bop. Don't trip He Bop. You are indeed on target with your thoughts. Why does he need to see a therapist Jim J? I'm sure you can recommend one, eh? Go all the time, do you?

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