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13 March 2010


Kevin Perez

I got the fuzzies after reading the article and this is coming from someone who has great disdain for religion.

Kevin Perez

One comment!?

W. Lotus

Wow...my respect for Bishop Tutu just went up even higher!


Desmond Tutu is a true man of GOD...But we need more men and women like him from the African continent...Thx Rod for posting this


Uh oh. Someone's about to lose popularity. The Anglicans don't play, especially the High Anglicans. But good for Bishop Tutu. We need more allies like him!

Honut Sinti

This coincidentally brings to mind a bumper sticker I saw yesterday on the way to work. It read something to the effect:

"JESUS loves you even though Christians may not."

For some reason, my eyes started to tear up and I was too through.

Much respect to Bishop Tutu.

FYI: I ended up having a great day at work.


Truer words could not have been spoken by him. And to think there are those who say that we choose to be gay. I don't think so.


I love Desmond Tutu! What an amazing man! I'm so elated that he's an ally of ours. I wish there were many more people like him in all 53 African countries and around the world.


Bishop Tutu has been one of my heroes for a number of decades now. His openess and support has always been the reasons why.

Pastor Michael-Vincent Crea

17 March 2010

Peace to ALL!

I spoke with Bishop Tutu during an event in Harlem at the Riverside Church, whose sanctuary cannot match the size of his heart and soul in the service of Love.

Both as a pastor, that is a Good Shepherd, and a person, that is, a truly Divine-Human Being, which all of us are, he is a living saint, needing no one's 'hall of fame,' communion or elder board to say so.

His actions speak louder that words because his Word is Love, and where there is Love there is God!

Blessing, Bliss & Beauty of ALL Without Boundaries!

Michael-Vincent Crea, Pastor

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