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18 March 2010



Take a break Children and let the Man Do His job.


@ DWjazzlover:

Who are you calling a child?
Lt Dan Choi, who lead a unit and risked his life in Iraq? Or that black lesbian Air Force sgt who was dischaged this week?

And funny that you think "the man" can work on two wars, a jobs bill, unemployment, health care, Wall Street and college tuition all in one week ... but is too busy to work on his campaign promises on gay rights. smh


You seem to be subtly villainizing Kathy Griffin, which makes no sense and is counterproductive. The villains are the idiotic homophobes. Kathy tries to help the LGBT causes whether cameras are around or not. Before she even had her "reality" show, she had everyone who attended her wedding donate to AMFAR instead of buying her gifts. She is actually trying to shine a light on something people otherwise wouldnt see. Many people dont watch the news and only watch reality shows and entertainment. Sorry she isnt doing everything to your liking but she is doing plenty.
LOLz @ "villainizing". This is a lot bigger than Kathy Griffin, hon. I never asked her to "do" anything, but I don't think its a good idea to hire comedians to "lobby" Congress on important issues as material for their tv shows. And don't blame me for reporting HRC produced a television "rally" for a "reality" show that refused to follow Lt. Dan Choi the White House. Sad. -RM


I get the point of why the protests happened...

but, I just like it was problematic. at this point in time, there are, waht, 32 million people without health care?

And, I have my issues with the bill just like many people, but right now,t his is the CLOSEST people will get to universal coverage...

I'm not saying don't care about LGBT rights but is LGBT rights a priority for ALL americans? or just a few?

I'm gay and I care but i also care about maintaining my health coverage and making sure that my younger and older relatives who don't have coverage get some...

I just feel like these protests (just like the failed equality march and just like the very late outreach efforts to campaign for gay marriage in california in 08) weren't very timely...and slightly misguided.

as for Obama-la, he should be able to work on ALL issues...but since his cabinet and all the Dems and Republicans in the White House can only WORK on one issue, there you go....you only get what amounts to one issue every quarter...

he should be able to do them all but he isn't....

but in the interim, i want him to ensure that health care is granted to all...

then he needs to deal with DADT, ENDA and the like...

and also follow up with improving public education also...


Ryan I understand what you are saying and yes he can't do it all at one time, but he still needs to try. I have no idea what is going through Obama's head and what is true priorities are, but people are tired of the inequality. The protests MUST continue and the voices MUST continue to be raised! The fight will NOT be put on pause, this is peoples life we are talking about. I've seen friends who have been assaulted for being Gay and its UNFAIR! Gays should be able to do everythign any other American tax paying citizen should.... POINT BLANK! So the chaining to fences must continue, the protest and marches MUST continue until we have EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!

Da' RealistOne

There is ALWAYS gonna be some type of issue going on in America..

Taking Care of the Elderly
The Economy
War or Terrorism
The Environment
Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, .....

I literally can't STAND it when the talking points are...

"Well, the country has other issues right now, Gays & Lesbians will just have to WAIT"...

Ya know, the country was shrouded in Communist threats and other problems too in the 60's.. Were we as African Americans told to consistently WAIT for our equality, or did we go against the grain and fight anyways?

Sure, there are other problems in this nation and we have a government big enough to tackle more than one issue at a time - this is what these politicians run for, get voted in, and get PAID to do. Putting off equality just because issues like universal healthcare (which by the way has been in these so called; "discussions" since the early 70's) more than likely aren't going away any time soon.

Discrimination against Gays & Lesbians have been going on A LOT LONGER - no matter what the numbers are involved.

If you ask me, equality for GLBT people SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF A LONG TIME AGO. But unfortunately is hasn't, therefore it will continue to be in the spotlight until voters & politicians put ass to fire and get things going in the right direction.

It's sad that "issues" that really aren't an issue at all are considered "thorns" in some people's asses when it can be easily resolved with a little judicial and political action.


@ Jarron:

Star Struck much sweety?
This is the problem when celebrities try to play grown up, their fans cannot separate reality from fantasy.

This has nothing to do with Rod, it was HRC and Kathy Griffin's show. And if you REALLY want to go, Rod didnt even quote or post the video where Kathy Griffin said ON CAMERA she would follow Choi to the White House. She didn't.

I dont really have a problem with Griffin, I like her, but she is a tourist on this issue. We live gay rights every day ... or at least most us, i've never seen your name in this blog, but ppl always come out to defend celebrities. And surely you arent saying a straight female celebrity is more committed here than Dan Choi, who is personally affected by DADT?

And a celeb with a big gay following, asking wedding guests to donate to Amfar? Wow, what is this, 1998? Thats not so daring. Srsly.

Former COGIC

you're funny jarron.

nothing at all to say about DADT and how congress and the white house are dragging their feet.

nothing to say about how black gay men and lesbians are targeted more for discharge.

but you're very upset your tv diva is not being worshiped here. newsflash....it ain't about kathy griffin! its about anthony woods, dan choi and all the others who put their lives on the line for our country. its really a shame that you would rather defend a tv star than discuss how we can best get our rights.

and ryan, there will always be something else. how is this stopping health care from moving forward? the vote is scheduled for sunday. the president signed a jobs bill this week, he clearly can do more than one thing at a time.

and you do mean the healthcare bill that the white house and senate stripped of LGBT and HIV language, right?


Is it really 2010? I feel like we're stuck somewhere between 1940 and 1970 on EVERY issue.

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This is the problem when celebrities try to play grown up, their fans cannot separate reality from fantasy.

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