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27 March 2010



This is beautiful! They look so great together! Its sad that their marriage won't be recognized in NY. On the upside, gay marriage is legal in neighboring Connecticut.

Nathan James

It was a beautiful, uplifting and memorable wedding. I wish Seanmichael and Damien many years of joy and love. I hope, too, that the day will soon come when every LGBT copule that wants to marry, may do so in the state where they live, and have their nuptials recognized the world over. Thank you, Rod, for letting our community at large know about this wonderful moment, when we came together to witness the joining of thse two fine young men. May they be among the first of many.


I want to be married to a beautiful man who loves me and whom I love, and have 2 kids and live happily ever after in our beautiful home filled with love. There; I said it. In the beginning was the word....


♥ a beautiful tribute, a beautiful couple, and a beautiful blog--thank you for showcasing lgbt or color and the good news about our culture, politics and our love (and thanks for the sporno too) ♥


I am rejoicing!!!!
Let's keep fighting, children, gay marriage will be legal in NY soon. And the archaic and bigoted power structures standing against us,(ironically, in a city most consider one of the most liberal on the planet) are slowly declining.


Simply beautiful...


an outward declaration...

that does it for me, get the kleenex!

as a wedding coordinator for more than a decade...i have never seen such an exchange of genuine love between two PEOPLE.


God bless this courageous couple! When my soulmate and I meet we will be married publicly as well. May God continue to bless Elder Kevin Taylor and all of the clergy at Unity Fellowship of Christ Churches nationwide for their vigilant stance for equality for all! Ashe'!


This is simply beautiful! I am lost for words. Best wishes to the lovely couple

Sidney Thompson

Congrats--We're moving on up.


Wonderful! So Happy for them!


What a great wedding!! I wish them all the happiness and love, we need more like them. Hopefully, me & mine can be next in line....


Seanmichaels is a cheater

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