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12 March 2010



And he knows this for a fact how?


Why do people believe in any of this crap to begin with? I'm sorry but religion is a primitive way of thinking, no matter what kind of church it is. I'm sure this clown has people that believe in him, mostly people who don't want to take responsibility for their own lives and want to give all the credit or blame for what happens in their lives to Jesus or "God" instead of realizing that they make things happen in their own lives. Anyway this kid sounds like a clown but a smart one, he's undoubtedly going to get a lot of money from the ignorant and clueless. I know some people will get mad at me for what I said about religion but it's true.

Rodney B

Man. i saw this and all i read from him was a self hating homo in "preacher's clothing" ..LOL

It's obvious he is battling his sexuality and using a church to "get it out of him" and make a few coins at it.

NEXT! lol

Winston Salem

Amazing. Only a teenager and already found out the quickest way to get the attention of the gay obsessed sistas and brothas in the black church.

Derrick from Philly

Fear of dying and fear of being dead: I think that's what the alure is for people who join the Evangelical & Pentacostal Movements in the world....same as for Muslim Fundamentalism. And when you question them, then you also get the feeling that they want a sort revenge against those of us who don't join--who don't share their fear. They want to punish those of us who cannot take them seriously, and that's when they can become dangerous.

Maybe I am wrong, but almost every black preacher seems to be on the "DL". What I mean is every black preacher that I witness seems to have a style of presentation/performance reminiscent of "the children". Maybe our style has influenced their style.

The dominant influence on the Black Church experience has been shaped by black gay men...is that what this fool is preaching about? No, he's not that insightful.

Face and Waist

Ooohh cute outfit, preacher!
Love it!


I wonder how many black gay church sissies were sitting in the audience while this clown was talking about his visions?

Kevin Perez

Yeah but he's Black so that makes him a automatic scumbag in the eyes of many (White) folks in this society. Why don't these fools ever come to the realization the way they percive gay men or anybody else who is LGBT is no different than the way "White people"' view ethnic minorities. Yet, they still are hell bent on complaining about the reinforcement of negative stereotypes and being judged harshly, as well as being looked down upon. WTF? Isn't what these jack-***** do to us?

I'm going to be Politically Incorrect and say I can't wait to see the Black Church crumble. Oh and that the Black men and women and the church queens who attend these institutions will have a special place in the depths of Hell!


i find it interesting that God is talking about ppl behind their backs, and telling what ppl have in their bank accounts, and giving out ppl's addresses. God sounds like a teenaged school girl with a gossiping problem.

Anyway. you can't blame this guy (too much) for his presentation of his perspective. He's been enculturated, probably before he was old enough to even know he was being religiously molested. That's how satanic religion is. It rapes the minds of defenseless children before they're old enough to know how to fight back and think on their own.


holy crap. some one sent this dude the memo. if you want your following to grow; rant against gays. it's safe and the church hates them. stay away from the fact that according to the cdc 49% of black women have genital herpes. don't mention the fact that jails are overflowing with black men and you can barely find them on college campuses. don't talk about the gangs that control our streets to the point that kids can't go out and play. keep bashing gays and you will have a HUGE following.


So wait let me get this right, God told him I am the only boss who will fire you but let you work .... so what he is saying that God is allowing people to follow someone who is not in Gods Favor.... Umm ok.... but why do these people always hear voices and have visions.... theres medication for that



This is foolishness and I'm exhausted with this foolish conversation about the black church and gays....BLAH BLAH BLAH!

The PERVERSION is PIMPS IN THE PULPIT trying to gather the mobs but instead to them taking it to the streets, they shout to the offering baskets!


I'm about to lose my mind, UP IN HERE...UP IN HERE!

Da'Realist One

I went to You tube so I could see more of this person (since I REFUSE to call him a pastor) and I decided to see what else does he minister about...
Already, I could tell that he's a False Prophet and then I stumbled across a clip of him that totally confirmed it:


Now I know we have a few Brothers here and there that are in the church and that knows the Word. I'm sorry I have to say it but I think its a CRYING SHAME that so many of our people (african americans) are SO QUICK to follow "some" (since all aren't like this) people who call themselves Pastors who mix scripture in with 'slickness' and can talk a good game. I've never understood why and how our people can get riled up and enthusiastic over ANGRY PREACHING (because thats what it is) when God is about love and LIFE, and that more abundantly.

Even in the video Rod posted, this so called "Preacher" contradicts himself with own words because if we are all in "sexual sin", then isn't the church the place where we are SUPPOSED to be?

In the Bible, it talks about false teachers who will be able to quote the Word but twist it with lies and deception and this is yet just another example.

Brian Carn is just another Brotha who is lost and leading the lost by deception.

This is why he's able to use "easy targets" like Gays & Lesbians to drive his point across - he knows that gay bashing from the pulpit is:

1: Highly Popular
2: Will increase parishoner attendance
3: get's the people hooked on to his messages going forward.

Its amazing and downright depressing that our people are so persuaded by code words of hatred as a means to get them into the church & tries to defend and justify it by any means necessary.

Stuff like this bring tears to my eyes because so many of our people are in the church and are just as blind than before they came.

I pray God will have mercy on us.

Da'Realist One

I just posted a comment while you were typing yours (But it hasn't posted yet for some reason)

But basically we are agreeing and saying the same thing.
This is Soooooooo false teaching and TOO MANY OF OUR PEOPLE follow it like its truth.

Man, its time for a spiritual wake up call for real.

Taylor Siluwé


I've never heard it said better - raping the minds of defenseless children. Amen to that.

And I know this fool is a victim. Still, we can't give him pass, or any of his followers for that matter.

If God indeed gave us a mind to reason with and figure things out, then why in the name of Jesus are there so many people so desperate to float on a cloud that they'll believe anything that comes out of the mouth of charlatans masquerading as clergy?

He had a vision? Like a dream?

I had one too, just last night. I was in a car talking to my mother telling her that I was never, EVER going be a Jehovah's Witness again. She looked at me and said she was leaving too, that she didn't believe it anymore.

And we cried and cried and I was secretly thrilled that she no longer was a part of that cult and would live out her golden years enjoying her life like old people are supposed to do.

But I'm no prophet and it was just a dream. She's still out there recruiting new cult members [sales people] for that BILLION dollar, tax-free publishing empire known as the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society.

I wish it had been a vision. At least there'd be hope.

Religion truly enslaves good people from infancy on up.


Gosh could they have at least turned on the AC! He is sweating all ova the place. Well at least up under his arms. I watch it and if I was there I would have gotten up when he started that mess about checking account. I have done it in the past and shall continue to do it in the future if I don't believe. Nice try! Let me take a page out of Miss Jackson's interlude....to a world sick with racism.....get well soon!

Kevin Perez

These religious institutions aren't stupid enough to call out on all the sins listed in the vile book that is the Bible. The notion that where all sinners in the eye's of God is complete horse **** because if that truly where the case, we'd hear weekly sermons that went BEYOND homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, and the like...

But since religious institutions need the $$$$$, they need a target group/scapegoat otherwise the sits in the churches would be empty. What better way to make oneself feel good than to berate/attack somebody or a group of people 'cuz Jesus allegedly its okay to be self-rightous.

Christian Lebeija

>>"I wonder how many black gay church sissies were sitting in the audience while this clown was talking about his visions?"

You ain't said nothin but a word!

>>"The PERVERSION is PIMPS IN THE PULPIT trying to gather the mobs but instead to them taking it to the streets, they shout to the offering baskets!"

(waving church fan)

>>"don't mention the fact that jails are overflowing with black men and you can barely find them on college campuses. don't talk about the gangs that control our streets to the point that kids can't go out and play."



Can anybody see the gayness in this brother?


I thought the church always said, "Come as you are".

That would mean gay too, mr. prophet.

Isn't a prophet nothing but another word for psychic. "CALL ME NOW!!!"

This MF is nothing but a closet gay homo who is having nut dreams about a 3 sum that he has not yet fulfilled.

Religion is for people who live on crutches. You're so weak minded and pitiful that you believe in false faith to guide your little behind.


I saw this earlier, but ignored it! I read Rod's commentary, but didn't watch the video. At the time, I thought "Oh God, not again. MORE MESS!"

I went on about my day and about my work, until I came across a number of my own writings about dreams and visions. I was thinking how it's almost always been my experience how they almost always come as warnings, reflections, and to present opportunities to address SELF ISSUES and NOT OTHER people's.

FEAR! I kept thinking about the preacher and THIS WORD, and I had to come back and watch the video!

He MAY have had the vision he says he did, but it wasn't about (or for) the OTHER preacher, it was about and for HIMSELF!

I agree with the commentors who said this young man has learned the preacher/pulpit puppeteer master-manipulator tactics from a young age. They teach and preach & hold their "followers" with FEAR and this video proves it! But this time the preacher is dealing with his OWN! What he thinks WILL, MIGHT or HAS happened to that other preacher is what he's frightened will happen to HIM because he hasn't addressed his OWN ISSUES! He even said so out of his OWN MOUTH with "tears flowing down his face" when he said "God don't let it happen to ME." And then in typical fashion, he transmitted the fear to the congregation, and instead of a word of freedom, they joined him in a word of FEAR!

Thank you for letting me work that out in your comments section, and I hope it makes sense because "I" see it clearly. I'm not saying he's right about "spirits of perversion" and all that, but that IS the code HE LIVES BY! I'm willing to wager that I'm right!

Kevin Perez

Someone should make a compilation video with this guy, the recent Donnie McClurkin video and that crazy Black woman ranting during the Washington D.C. hearings for gay marriage entitled "Black Christian Warriors" or "Outrageously Black, Heterosexual and Christian" or simply "The Black Church".

I'm just saying, is all....

John Ozed

from the blind man video: Holy Ghosteses?

It's too bad this guy is charlatan, he's cute.


Really Brian?

I gave him 1 star and a "Boo" in the comments section. This guy is full of s**t.


This is why I won't even go near Pentecostal churches. What kind of message is he sending with this fire and brimstone Old Testament based rhetoric. Where is the message of God's love, mercy, and wisdom? I just can't respect a denomination whose members treat service like a fashion show and shouting contest.

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