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21 March 2010



This is so scary and sad. When more people become affected with the virus and more low to no income people fill the hospitals, then what financial savings would have occured? None. This is prevention and helping people who are already sick not get sicker. That is a financial cost lawmakers never seem to really look at.


In the news video above, the reporter asks: “But why should this matter to healthy South Carolinians?”

And then, as usual, the video goes on to explain why it will cost more in the end not to fund ADAP.

I wonder how many other societies in this world are so morally degraded that they even have to ask this question? Are there are other societies in this world so depraved that every morally correct thing always has to be justified financially?

If there are other such societies, they have as much chance of long-term survival as this one does.


This is so disgusting. The people that control the government in South Carolina are so ass backwards. Do they think by cutting funding for HIV/AIDS will go away! IT CERTAINLY will not! It will only makes things worst. But maybe that's how they want it. This country never fails to disappoint me.

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