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01 March 2010


Ally/Gamera 87/Poochie

"native son and American Idol Clay Aiken"
Clay Aiken did not win American Idol.
Never said that Clay Aiken won AI, dear, but bless your heart you're still trying to fact check this blog. Oh and please choose one name. -RM

Former COGIC

Petty much?

I read this post earlier and never did it say that Clay Aiken won American Idol. But I'm always glad when Rod calls out petty queens who try to play hall monitor who don't even have their facts straight.

Moving along ... I'm certainly not the biggest Clay Aiken fan and thought he was a total hypocrite all those years he claimed he wasnt gay but everyone knew he was.That said, Clay is more than making up for it now. I liked his speech. And kudo to HRC for getting a Raleigh native who made good to talk about the importance of coming out.


Daps to Clay. Come out when you're ready but please come out!


ROFL @ Simon Cowell's intern.

You know what's really sad? At Pams House Blend, Towleroad, JoeMyGod, even at racebaiting Queerty they will have dozens of comments on Clay Aiken's history, Meredith Baxter's denials and HRC's about face and Joe Solmonese's effectiveness. Here, Rod does his damndest to bring the news, make it interesting or relevant to "us" ... and the first comments is some silly azz trifling queen with multiple identities who wants to argue how Aiken was identified. Just as bad as that queen the other day who wanted to quibble about Paterson's headline.

In a sad way, its a compliment bc it shows how fabulous this blog is and how black folk (and patronizing whites) try to find fault. On the other hand, it is sad,because we as black gay men could be discussing the issues.


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