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02 March 2010


Baltimore Femme

Werk, Judge Mathis!


That's a man with knowledge!

He needs more publicity for that episode.


What a judge!! Break that closet case DOWN!


I heart Judge Mathis. Perfect mix of street smarts and book smarts. He can drop knowledge and even keekee with the children, thats hawt!


There are a few lessons here. 1. No drinking and driving. It's just bad news. 2. Dating closeted men never ends well. 3. Don't try to fool Judge Mathis. He's seen it all...LOL




Amen Freeleo INDEED!

Don't mess with Judge Mathis because this brother is open and honest and very transparent, so he's definitely NOT UP FOR THE OKIE DOKE!

Very good show!!!

Brilliant episode!


I love Judge Mathis. He has gay folks in his court regularly. He always deals with the gay folks coming to his court in an honest and open matter-- and I love the way he feels comfortable enough to joke around with gay people. They know and Judge knows that they are a mess, and it makes for great, curiously affirming TV. We need more allies like him, especially among straight black men.

Cindy Birdsong the Good Supreme

Wow. I am a faithful watcher of Judge Mathis and actually he speaks from two sides of his face. He says things like what he said in this clip the next day he will poke fun at men for being too close and friendly or having more than a stereotypical "male" relationship. He will allege that something else is going on and laugh his head off and then say: "Im just kiddin' you." If he truly felt how he alleges in the clip what is the humor in his teasing? There is still something about being gay that is laughable, odd an something to be made fun of; less than masculine. He's full of it if you ask me. He is trying to be PC yet holds old values and stereotypes deep within. He is not laudable in my oipinion. Keep watching.


I kind of have to agree with Cindy here as I've noticed that as well. It is one of those things we'l have to watch and see if he is sincere or not. Nothing about Mathis has shown me he was this progressed. I'm shocked. But IF he is sincere and he may be here kudos to him for being another voice and ally for our comunity. You get a cookie from me indeed mathis I appreciate you speaking out for us and on our behalf!

Mark N.

Great ruling. Judge Mathis needs to speak out more about homosexuality. A lot of people look up to him. I wouldn't mind looking up or down to him, lol.

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