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01 March 2010



SMH @ Drunk frat boy


I love the way he shrugged that off, like SILLY WHITE BOY...

I can't tell if the tongue GOT him but he was so close that with most dudes it would have started a fight and Cudi was just like OF COURSE YOU LOVE ME! LOL



What Rev Kev said.

I love it! The man tried to slip him some tongue and Cudi just pushed him off. Damn.

I wish more hip hop brothas were that cool and didnt go into gay paniuc "no homo" mode at the drop of a hat. Love ya Kid!


@ Rev Kev: I am so sure the reaction would have been much different if the fan were black and obviously gay, as opposed to a drunk white boy.



I feel you indeed.

But even IF the guy were black, white, asian, if the intention of the kiss had been sexual AT A STRAIGHT-IDENTIFIED man, it would have changed the energy.

But come on, Dalton, if it were YOU and some dude came at you trying to slip you tongue and you weren't in any way interested in him, you would have this reaction.

Most straight (and many gay) dudes would have freaked with any kind of contact from another man coming at them that closely. Trust me, I have had to pop a dude in the mouth more than once, and not all gay, who came at me like I WANT YOU, especially straight-identified brothers (that's all men of color), ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY GET A LITTLE SPIRIT IN THEM!

So, I am not giving the brother a medal. I just appreciate that he didn't pop dude in the mouth who was trying to slide tongue in the mouth, because at the end of the day, the dude might not "appear" gay but HE WAS TRYING TO SLIDE HIS TONGUE IN CUDI'S MOUTH!


he didnt even really tongue kiss kid cudi, kid cudi told him he had to give off the stage an the guy attempted to but the security had him before he could do anything...this was funny but i dont uestion cudis sexuality...not every straight rapper is gay like some people want them to be....thanks for this video though lol it was hilarious


@ Malcolm:

"this was funny but i dont uestion cudis sexuality...not every straight rapper is gay like some people want them to be"

Umm, I don't think anyone was "questioning" Cudi's "sexuality" and no one said he was gay. All of the comments were supportive of him not punching the guy in the face.

Oh and do gays "want" every rapper "to be gay"? You're very very silly smh.


Unfortunately, the youtube page i saw had comments from what sounded like black guys being all homophobic. A lot of them were saying that Cudi is gay for not beating him up. Most people said how Cudi should have beat him up or killed him him b/c that is what they would have done.



That's exactly why I am giving him "props." Most dudes would have swung at him TO PROVE THAT THEY WEREN'T GAY. Cudi just invited him OFF of the stage. That's it. GROWN MEN DON'T HAVE TO SWING.

"Being powerful is just like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't." Margaret Thatcher.

Not being gay isn't something you have to speak to in any way. If you are not, you don't have to respond. All those dudes who scream about "beating up someone for trying to kiss them" are dudes that are "afraid" that someone would have seen the "kiss" and thought MORE about THEM than the other dude.


Kudos to Cudi for being cool about the incident. I knew I liked him for a reason.


You guys do know in other cultures, it is not gay for a man to kiss another man.

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