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12 March 2010



I loved it. LOOOVED IT!

Rodney B

I don't fancy Beyonce and Lady Gaga much but this video is definitely VIDEO of the year. FABULOUS.

Aiight for Beyonce being "Honey B" LOL

Celia Ruiz

I'm not a Beyonce or Gaga stan but how can you NOT love this video? It was freakin' fabulous! Oh and love the lesbian undertones!

Face and Waist

were there men dressed in drag in the prison sequence? looked like it imo


Face and Waist: I don't think there were any men in drag, just some not-too-cute women.

Having said that, I loved this video! Fantastic!


HMMM ! Hell NO! Too much going on

Beyance aka Nicki Minaj Lite cannot act! plus she adds nothing to the silly song!

Lady gaga is redefining Drag and not in a good way!

Saw it once ...wont see it again!


I am not much of a Gaga fan because enough is enough on the imagery/clothing but this was really hot.

It was well executed, and the various homages were amazing. Plus, it was nice to see Beyonce be a bit more avant garde! I loved the Honey B reference, too! Lots to look at AND more to come?!

What I WILL give Gaga credit for it the RETURN OF THE VIDEO. She definitely is almost singlehandedly making us watch them again! (Beyonce did start that revolution, though...credit where due)!


LOL! This was too funny. I love it. The only criticism would be Beyonce's wooden acting (as usual) but the video is awesome and love the song too. I'm glad they released this as a single. Lesbian undertones is an understatement. Lesbian GALORE is more like it......


Bee-ounce-say can't act!!!

Nia Long is right. Tired of blk singers taking acting jobs blk actors.

Video was okay.

Tyrese... why is his lips so wrinkly? He ain't aging well either.


What Rev Kev said.

I'm hardly a Gaga fan but it's very obvious she has totally redefined music video and is making them more epic and more event like, how they used to be. And for all purposes this was not a video but a 10 minute short film.

Beyonce is a star but her 'acting' has always been so-so. The puzzywagon was a nice homage but a wasted location for ger solo. Why not a dance number?

But I like it tho ...


I frickin' LOVED IT!!!! Very over the top Gaga as expected, but with real style and flair. The make-up, the costumes, the hair, the locales. It was 10min, but felt like 3 to 5 minutes long. I was really engaged. B is not a good actor and refuses to LET GO, but the screen loves Gaga and she is out and letting it all go.

She got something for everybody in this film. Lesbians, str8t men who like women on women, gays, str8t women into fashion. B really looks good in 40's style fashion and hair.


I'm calling Beyonce HoneyB from now on she is so fierce as a black Bettie Paige And i lover her for letting go and being more silly/weird/fun and Gaga is fabulous as ever


I dont like Gaga collaborating with B. Beyonce is a great performer and all but she's always kinda boring to me. It's like she used Lady Gaga to get some edge.

Plus Lady Gaga is always a loud and proud supporter of gay rights and gay things. And Beyonce always seems uncomfortable even saying gay, even though gays created her whole "single ladies" persona.


I loved it! Gaga is very weird, but in a Good way! Beyonce's acting was fine, how do we know the director didn't tell her to be reserved in the car scenes? We've seen Beyonce act a fool in plenty of videos, we know she can be silly (i.e. Bootylicious video). Loved the dance sequence. Gaga and Beyonce can really MOVE! This is a very Quentin Tarantino-esq video! I thought it was COOL!


Having spent years myself in a women's correctional facility, I can say with the certainty that only comes from experience that the first half of this video is no exaggeration.

apres moi

@isis - Thank you. I'm not the only one thinking that this was Tarantino-esque, especially with the "pussy wagon". So Kill Bill-ish. I'm not that much of a Lady Gaga fan but I will admit that her videos are damn good. This one topped the cake and will probably be the video of the year unless she does another one this year, which could be the case. I also was thinking "she's starting to knock Madonna off that pedestal. She definitely was going not just after the gay boys but her lesbian fans, and she probably just gained a new legion of them as fans after releasing this video. And Jai Rodriguez looks so much better now with the facial hair. To me that was the highlight of the video :-p Papi can hold my mic anytime :-p


I think the art of the long form music video died with Michael Jackson. Why did she murder everyone in the diner? Seems like a watered down Tarantino film with a nonsensical plot and some dancing lol

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