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07 March 2010


Christian Lebeija

you go mo'nique!

Rodney B

She deserved it. Truly a riveting performance in Precious.

And mad kudos to the screenwriter for winning the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay. I think that was a surprise but deserved win!

Former COGIC

I loved this. Mo'Nique has been full of surprises since Shadowboxer, another Lee Daniels fine. Her role as Mary Jones was raw and intense. She truly deserved this award. Brava!

Taylor Siluwé

Bravo girl!!


And mamma was strutting too!
Work, Mo'Nique, WORK!

The Truth



Beautiful!! Congrats Monique!


Congratulations to Monique and Geoffery Fletcher (screenwriter)! Well deserved and well earned. I am so proud!



I am in tears because YOU just uncovered something I didn't realize: NOT ONLY WAS MO'NIQUE'S DRESS THE SAME COLOR AS HATTIE MCDANIELS; HER HAIR WAS STYLED THE SAME WAY! Mo'Nique's look was a tribute to Hattie McDaniels! As a full-figured Black woman, Mo'Nique took that moment to pay homage to the 1st who did it so eloquently.

Thanks Rod, for your continuing brilliant research!

YAY FOR MO'NIQUE!!!! I am so happy for her because I have followed Mo' for years and years (way back to small clubs in the DC/Bmore area) and I STILL FORGOT THAT WAS HER ON THE SCREEN! There were moments when I wanted Mary Jones' head and THAT is acting!



She won it, she deserved it she WERKED it, congrats!


Proud of you Monique. We love you. She gave the best performance of the decade. Congrats!!!!!!

Distant Lover

Mo'Nique, my sister.
Not only are you the funniest, beautiful and talented actress and performer.
You are the epitome of Black Grace and Eloquence.
Congratulations on your well deserved Oscar win and may the success keep coming!

Rodney M.

I was just sharing with my partner that who would've thought that the same "Queen of Comedy" who used to go "Hey, Boo!" to the Professor (hey, Boo, indeed!) would be standing years later as an Academy Award winner! I'm so glad for her growth and accomplishments, and her tribute to Hattie McDaniel! God bless her, and congratulations, Mo'Nique!

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