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11 March 2010


Keith C

i LOVE this song!
thank you! it's so positive and i love the scenes from the movie

black gay love is a beautiful thing...


Good for him! But am I the only one who thinks is very reminiscent of Jill Scott's "You Love Me"? Did they sample that track?


I am so proud of Nhojj.


Smashing tune, and I'm hope it continues to perform well. We need something break the monotany on the radio.-QHH


I am have got to see this movie, I am headed to Flickeria now. Oh and the video is awesome.

A. Ronald

Rod, you made my day on Tuesday by posting the wedding photos of those beautiful black gay couples. And now this. I love it!

I love Nhojj for persevering and doing the best he can, he is a trailblazer! Much success my brotha!


Just love it...It sounds, looks, feels right..go Nhojj.


This is so beautiful! Such a fantastic song! I love it!

Nathan James

In 1969, when men first landed on the moon, Archibald McLeish wrote in the New york times of how this event had "a meaning to us". So, too, does Nhojj, have a meaning to us, as an out, proud, incredible vocalist. Reaching number one on the MTV Top 100 is a dramatic testimony to his musical gifts, and I expect to see only greater things from Nhojj in the future. "A meaning to us"..."O, A Meaning!" Yes, indeed.

Rodney B

it's a great song and i just ordered the DVD

can someone tell me how you pronounce his name?



If I had seen this video when I sixteen or eighteen, I would have been transformed. It probably would have changed my life.

If the Right Wing ever loses its war on behalf of Fear and Sadism, it will be in no small part because of cultural creations like this one.


This is awesome. When I heard Nhojj's LOVE I knew this was Keith and Nathan's love song - the theme song to BLUEPRINT.

Yes the BLUEPRINT DVD is available at:


BEST. . . .Kirk | DIRECTOR | Blueprint


Nhojji is invoking Sylvester in a big way. The first, since his death topping charts, making room for his gift. Being out and proud!!


I luv this song and a few others he has. The vid is simple and sweet. This brother is finally getting his Ray of Lights. You can go to iTunes and check out some of his work there. I am waiting on my copy of Blueprint now.


I'm adding Nhojji to the new music I'm buying this weekend...along with Steph Jones. Thanks Rod for spotlighting the music of these talented brothas.

Saw Blueprint at one of the past Chicago gay lesbian film fest. Ordering my copy.


O...M..G... I am quivering. There is so much honesty in his voice. The simplicity and truth just touched me in a way I haven't been in a long time. I just close my eyes and listen and allow myself to be taken away and fly to a land of love without boundaries. This was so pure.


This is the business! Soooo love this!!! Thanks Rod


Beautiful People ~ thank you so much for all the love... your words and courage move and inpsire me.

Keep walking in your Truth & Light - a change is coming!

Rodney my name is pronounced naj (similar to naz:)

Thank you so much Rod for the great feature:)


As always, much love and support. God bless.

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