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23 March 2010



I think that is just excellent. I never really understood Americans to simply care so little about health care. As if they just don't think "what if" when you become unemployed by any reason but need to go to hospital really urgent. I never understood why Americans believe this to be "un-American" yet even socialist. That is complete crap. Health is as much a human right as free speech. And how can people express their free speech and be supporting tax payers if the fundament of all, good health, is just not present? I think America finally is on the right track here. It is however sad so many Americans that wanted change when they voted for Obama don't seem to be caring much about this bill that finally grants a basic RIGHT to everybody. Isn't it the Amercians that tend to be entirely obsessed about well being and looking good at all times? It is especially hard for us Europeans to understand the blockade of such a fundamental thing to any functioning economy shown by even Democrats in the U.S. - Good you speak about it, Rod!


This is an historic day.....let's hope the details are worked out to where it does what it's supposed to do!


Unfortunately, Coo-koo Cucinnelli has other plans.....

Its a good day, so far, though!

Distant Lover

When this bill becomes a overwhelming success, then the Republicans will finally go the way of the 8-track and Disco.
GOOD RIDDANCE! And ship that Fat/Skinny dope fiend, Rush Limbaugh off to some god forsaken hellhole where he can rot!
Great Job, President Obama!


Rush Limbaugh said he would leave the Country if this bill passed. I'd like to help him pack!

Anyway Bravo to President Obama and everyone who voted on Sunday!

Now lets get equal rights for the Gay folks! Why not... ITS LONG OVERDO!!


Nancy's face/smile in this pic is so scary. She is really enjoying giving it to the repubs. She looks like a facelift that is pulled tighter than a drum, that started at the back of her scalp and is wrapped around about 12 times:-)


I think that Rush Limbaugh said that he'd move to Costa Rica if this health care bill became law. I'll take his moving there as a bonus--if he does keep his word and move. He and his ilk lied so much about the heath care bill--"deathpanels", "Socialism", "governmnet take over of health care", etc. Was he lying about moving too?

Nathan James

Passage of the health care reform bill will be remembered as a watershed moment in American history. Aside from the fact that the IRS as enforcer of mandatory insurance requirements is making me uneasy, I heartily approve of the rest of the new legislation. Too bad the GOP will likely find ways to kill it.

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