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20 March 2010



yep i think i heard it too


Those teabagging SOBs are showing their true colors. I thought this wasnt supposed to be about race?


This is so sad. Hopefully this will become the expose that we need to expose the basic racist hate that lies at the bottom of the Tea Party Movement.

Kevin Perez

Would it be to generalizing to say "Only in America"? Because it often feels we see this type of digusting behavior ONLY here. I'm sorry to say that while other parts of the world are "worse", "just as bad" America ultimately looks like the bigger jack-***** ESPECIALLY in other countries.

apres moi

is it me or is there a black guy, who's wearing a pink shirt, at the beginning of this clip that either might be with them or part of the media? I can't tell.


I actually want to thank these folks for displaying their ignorance. My hope is that this video and others like it will be used in the upcoming election season.

Frank Martin

A lot of people are using this video as proof they never called called 'so and so'.

They said that they heard the slurs when coming down the stairs, when leaving the building.

This doesn't start until that are about 20 yards away from the bottom of the stairs. Didn't stop the Washington Post from posting these videos as proof it didn't happen. http://washingtontimes.com/weblogs/watercooler/2010/mar/20/congressman-claims-health-care-bill-protesters-hur/


@Frank Martin I went to that link and I did hear it especially on the video after the 43 sec mark. Unless someone has a video of the entire event that occurred outside, it doesn't make the claims of racist and homophobic remarks being said false. Of course the tea baggers would lie about it, why do you think the KKK wears hoods.

Frank Martin

This one's better, but not the best which is out there somewhere.
3.30 and 3.51

You'll get nut-jobs at any protest.
I'm more angry at people painting Mr Lewis as a liar on the basis of videos that are not of the time when Lewis etc, said it happened.

Even the one above shows them going into the building. Andre Carson said it happened coming out of the building.

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