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14 April 2010



This should get really interesting. Obama is trying to not look too liberal, and yet try to have the Republicans look at someone else to take the fall for DADT's repeal so that the Dems can have a good mid-season election. we'll see how this political soap turns out.


Once again, I have to ask if anyone could imagine George W. Bush's "Justice" Department ever having challenged the truthfulness of their president's words on any matter, no matter how preposterous they might have been.

I cannot.

Yet here, while Obama's words are the consensus view of all reasonable people, his DOJ declares him, the Commander in Chief, to be mistaken.

So, does the DOJ have a rabid homophobe in charge of all of this who Obama cannot control, while Bush was a better administrator? Is Obama playing more of his 11-dimensional chess?

Or is Obama just indifferent (at best) to gay rights?

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