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23 April 2010



I hope he doesn't go off half-cocked and forget about the love his mother demonstrated to him and his siblings and will develop a profound respect for people, no matter what their sexual orientation. In another life, praises would be heaped on her head for raising a child that she had at age 15. Still a great story.
Rod, I just cannot comment about the trial of Phoenix. the details are tooo painful - what he must have put that man through. But thanks for keeping us updated.


I'm sitting here like 'HUH? Sure, I know the fans want to know about the new draft pick, but I'm thinking this is just TOO MUCH information! They just had to "go there" for what good reason? And he let them? I dunno! Maybe I'm the strange one!

Da' RealistOne

You're right Corey.
I'm thinking what in the hell did this have to do with him being drafted? What did it have to do with sports PERIOD?

It seems like ANYTHING closely relating to Gays or Lesbians associating to or with African Americans, people make it a point to over expose it.


“I didn’t like it. Really, I still don’t.”

Right there is a summary of the arrogance.

It is an enormous sense of unearned privilege that enables Dez Bryant to think that his mother’s being gay is anything he has a right to like or dislike.

Everyone in his life—his pastors, his coaches, his uncles, his teachers—has probably given him this sense of privilege.

Perhaps he doesn’t like it that his mother is a woman, either. After all, there’s something fundamentally embarrassing about women, especially for a manly man like Dez Bryant.


Now if his mom was Anita Bryant he'd have a reason to be embarrassed by her.

Derrick from Philly


There was a time when folks didn't like for young men and women to have babies out of wedlock 'cause the Bible says the Lord doesn't like it. Who's that adorable baby in your arms? Better be your nephew, you fierce piece of trade.


My point is why people feel the need to get upset whenever homosexuality is mentioned in any capacity. Maybe the sexual orientation of Bryant's mother is not directly related to football, but nobody gets upset when someone's girlfriend or wife is mentioned. What does any of that have to do with football? Absolutely nothing. When girlfriends, wives, and children are mentioned, most people automatically assume that the athlete is straight. What does that have to do with football? Absolutely nothing.

I could care less about his mother being a lesbian. But I don't get upset or bent out of shape when it is mentioned either. Until society stops putting homosexuality in a shoebox in the back of the closet and just let it exist as it naturally does, homophobia and intolerance will continue to thrive. People need to know that everyone doesn't fit into the "nice" image of the perfect family that prays together at church every Sunday.

I have always felt that if all the LGBT people in the world suddenly became known to everyone, it would be a shocking eye opener that challenges everything people hold near and dear. People could no longer stick their heads in the sand and pretend that Ozzie and Harriet is still the template for how life should be.

So what if Dez Bryant's mother is a lesbian. And so what if it doesn't have anything to do with football. And why would anyone get upset if this information is put out there for everyone to read? That's the question that people need to ask themselves.


She should have aborted his sorry azz. Then we wouldn't have to hear about how he doesn't like that his mother isn't a heterosexual.


yes Ravenback, thank you for articulating very well.

and 18 hours on a bus to attend a college football game??? i'd say thats a really great mother anyone should be very grateful to have.


I agree with you, Ken that is a mother to be proud of.


"...small, conservative Bible Belt town of DeSoto, Texas..."

Uhhmm, DeSoto is a southern suburb of Dallas known for being a haven for the "kids".


Cut some Dez some slack! The article says that he and his mother have a good relationship and are comfortable with it. So what he says that he does not like it? I'm glad that he didn't call her a dyke and disowned his mother. He loves his mom. He just needs more time and more education about sexuality. He is still on the journey towards acceptance. Instead of tearing him down for where he is on that journey, we should be encouraging him.

Account Deleted

"Cut some Dez some slack! The article says that he and his mother have a good relationship and are comfortable with it."

No, it's just more homophobic garbage covered as "finding tolerance". Why the heck should anyone cut him some slack? He's better of than most LGBT Blacks in every shape and form. He does not need defending.


>>>"Cut some Dez some slack! The article says that he and his mother have a good relationship and are comfortable with it. So what he says that he does not like it?"

So says another black gay man rushing to defend a homophobe who would call him a punk or fggt in a New York minute. I should hop[e he doesnt call, his mom a 'dyke'. I bet he will call other lesbians that ad gay men much worse.

And what is it with you people? Why do random strangers need to 'encourage athletes about to make millions of dollars a year? Is he going to change? He'll only get worst because once in the NFl everyone will cater to him and he will never be told no.


Oh and Aubrey, perhaps you missed it? Dez Bryant was suspended for lying to NCAA about meeting with Deion Bryant about an NFL hookup. Doesnt sound like an honest guy to me.

But props for taking your time. Usually the DL guys rush to come out of the woodwork and leave comments supporting whatever antigay celebrity or athlete is mentioned. Cuz we'll never see your comments in story about teen gay boys being bashed or killed. Or our rights being taken away. nly to defend millionaire athletes and celebrities who could care less about you.Typical and tragic gay black apathy.


I agree with Aubrey. He did not say that he hates his mom because she is a lesbian, he said that he did not like it. If my mom started dating white men I may not like it, but that does not mean that I love her any less. Maybe he needs more time to get used to it.

When my mom first found out about me being gay she hated it. I had just finished college and had moved back home and had just started working. I thought I was going to have to move out because she was so upset, but in about a week things cooled down. she still did not like it, but things got better.

It has been about 12 years and she now asks me how my lover is doing and she was the one to encourage us to buy a house together. Sometimes it takes time.

I also have a cousin who is in the same position. She came out about 5 years ago. She had a son how was just getting out of high school and he did not like that his mom was a lesbian. as time has passed he has become more comfortable.


I see myself as being more patient. I told my parents that I was gay about 5 years ago. It took my father some time to become comfortable and accept it. My mother is still on that journey towards being more comfortable with it. It takes time, and I think that it's foolish to assume that EVERYONE should totally like and accept someone's sexuality immediately. Do I like the fact that he doesn't "like" his mother's sexuality? No, but, with more time, maybe he'll grow to truly become comfortable and accepting of his mother's sexuality. There is some hope in that, since he and his mother have an open communication between and not hold secrets. I'd rather pray for him in this regard than to demonize him and say that his mother should have aborted him.

Account Deleted

"I think that it's foolish to assume that EVERYONE should totally like and accept someone's sexuality immediately".

So its foolish to be compassionate or understanding because some can't get over their narrow-minded prejudices who've had it better than most people? It's foolish for people who are so looked down upon to be slightly better understanding and less judgemental? I think its foolish for people like this guy to say such BS knowing what it must be for his mother, Black, lesbian, and a woman. He probably deserves the demonization. Compare his life to that of his mother.

Bryant doesn't need "prayers" so enough with the psuedo-religious crap.


I'm really touched how he and his mother worked it out.
Good for them!!
I'd love to have a mother as forthcoming and honest as his, no matter who or what she is.


Don't see whatthis has to do with Footbsll at all. Granted if he grew up in a small town his life probbly was Hell having a gay mother Kids can be rough...But still, what does this have to do with him playing football?


@Kevin Perez

You said it all, agree 100%. I can't believe he'd have the nerve to "dislike" his mother's sexual orientation! She's your mother and you should love her for who she is and NOT for what you want her to be! She should not have to be miserable to MAKE you happy.


Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is at all. We all have family members who do things or are things that we may not like or are uncomfortable with, yet we still love them and work our way around it. My sister is not too comfortable with my sexual oreintation, and I think she married a complete dud who has the personality of a stick in the mud. So, we're even.

Personally, I think it's good that he seems to be working through whatever issues he may have with his mom being a lesbian. You can't really expect everyone to be a superhero to the gay community, but he isn't anywhere close to being the villain that some of you reactionary queens are trying to make him out to be.


I agree with KevinPerez wholeheartedly in that it is very tough having a famly member so close to you show any type of disdain for you with something you cannot control. Yes, she has it much harder because she is a black lesbian woman in a black community that thinks lesbian women and gay men are the worst of the worst (gay women get it bad too folks don't believe the hype gay women have it just as bad, don't believe me walk in some of my friends shoes). Anyway, to top it off her son would say he doesn't like something about her that makes her her. She's still the woman that gave him life, nurtured, protected and provided for him and raised him into the man he is today, a man about to make some serious cash doing what he loves while others struggling in this economy. A woman that would sit on an 18 hour ride to see him play. That ish hurts. But I can see what others are saying in that at least he's not being a rabid homophobe having disowned his own mother and treating her like yesterdays trash like we know SOME of our own people can be. I also agree with others in that I don't see what this has to do with football....

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