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30 April 2010


Former COGIC

'would send a very damaging message to our men and women in uniform that in essence their views, concerns and perspectives do not matter.''

when is the military a democracy?
did they survey troops before invading iraq? what about when women joined? or blacks? did gates and obama poll sailors before deciding to bring women on submarines?

if truman had polled white troops in 1948 about integration, or johnson polled white people in 1964 about civil rights, we would nev er have got it. and this is hella less controversial than integration in 1948 or 1964.

and if its not a question of "if", then their opinions dont matter anyway.

i knew in my heart that this year long study was kicking the can down the road. i knew it but chose to bite my tongue and see how this plays out but no more. this is pulling the rug from congress.

and so much for enda, i guess we should survey companies and ask them how they feel about anti discrimination bills first right?



Former COGIC, your remarks are right on the money.

Gay people’s serving in the military has been an issue since Clinton took office in 1993. For many weeks in 1993, I would walk by the sidewalk newspaper boxes to see that they were debating whether gay people were really human beings or not on the papers’ front pages.

Now, seventeen years later, they are surveying twenty-year-olds from Mississippi to find out if we are really human beings or not.

The bottom line is this: No one who really thinks you are a human being asks another to express his opinion about the matter. If someone thinks you are a human being, he will believe your rights are non-negotiable.

If Obama does not think we are really human beings, then we need to replace him with someone who does. If Obama does think we are human beings, then he needs to hire advisors and cabinet members who agree with him. Otherwise, he is either incompetent or cowardly.

Rainbow Ribbon Project

They are‘sending a very damaging message to our Lesbian and Gay men and women in uniform that in essence their views, concerns and perspectives do not matter on an issue with such a direct impact on and consequence for them and their families. They only care how it impacts the Straight men and women and their families. How often do they poll the men and women about issues or changes they implement? Did they poll the Lesbian and Gay men and women about the impact on their lives and families before they implemented DADT?

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