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10 April 2010


Former COGIC



Rest in peace, Julia.


RIP to a classy lady.


Dixie Carter/Julia Sugarbaker. You made "Designing Women" one of the very best television shows of all time.Peace to you and your family.


Oh man, I really like her, and that show. Rest in peace, Dixie.

Baltimore Femme

i loved those women and that shpow. it made me laugh in some very very hard times. thanks for all the laughs dixie.

Rodney B

Wow. I had no idea she was ill.

Great lady and outside of the Golden Girls, one of my favorite shows.

Rest in Peace Dixie!

Goober Peas

Dixie Carter was every bit as classy and kind in real life as the character she portrayed on Designing Women.

I met her at a book signing many years ago in NYC. I mentioned a recipe she had talked about in her reading that sounded like my grandmother’s recipe and we talked for well on 20 minutes about our families.

She took the time to write a lovely, long inscription for my very ill grandmother and wished her well. What a kind, thoughtful, decent person!

May she rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon her.


R.I.P Mrs. Carter.

You were an amazing woman and you surely will not be forgotten!

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