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30 April 2010





Love the article and the deserved attention that this is bringing light to. Its sad and true that this is happening nation-wide to this very day. Sometimes, when I see a rainbow flag, it seems like its only for the white gays.


rod thanks so much for posting this philly is often overlooked and shouldnt be we have so much to be proud of. and i have to confess i didnt even know about this article and i live there! you can damn be sure i will take my 15mn break and read it tho!


Love. It.

We need more of these histories and oral histories. Bravo Mr Johnson for documenting and often overlookd segment of the "rainbow"!


>>>"Sometimes, when I see a rainbow flag, it seems like its only for the white gays."

Yep, there's no black in the rainbow flag lol


Wow. This article is conjuring up all kinds of memories. At the age of 17, The Smart Place was the first club I ever went to. By the age of 18, I was working the door at Catacombs. Some of you can't imagine how magical this time was. The streets could be rough, but nothing like they are today. AIDS had not arrived to decimate my beloved community. As one of the few surviving members of the Catacombs staff, I feel honored to have been part of the rich, black/gay/underground dance scene that existed in Philly. It is good to remember the good times and friends of the past. "And time won't take my love away...."

Earvin M

Very nice read.
Personally I'm a lil sorry he didn't have the time or space to delve more into Philly's incredible black gay club scene in the 1970s and the Philly Sound. That would probably make a very good book I am sure!


Gerry Johnson's piece is wonderful.And this blog remains brilliant.

Account Deleted

I thought the 1960s and 1970s was the time period where the LGBT where truly unifed and the natsy attitudes towards LGBT Blacks by Black folks where never THAT hostile.



I love it, love it, love it when we tell our stories and live our history: YOU BETTER TELL YOUR STORY WELL (as Stevie Wonder sang)!

Wonderful story and thanks for putting it on a national platform< R2.0!


AMAZING! It is up to us to know, remember, share and preserve OUR Black Gay history.


Kirk | DIRECTOR | Blueprint

Account Deleted

I was just thinking that this could also be used to counter the bigotry and homophobia of Black Liberation Thelogians, Afrocentrics, Rastas and Black Christians and Muslims that try everything in their power to demonize anything LGBT or just feign ignorance matters and claim its Whitness.

Someone should also note there were lesbians bars in the 1970s New York for Black women too.


I wish we had this for EVERY American city, except book length.


This is so wonderful! Thanks for this article! As usual Rod, you've enlightened me with some great knowledge and history.

Demetrius Bagley

Great great article share Rod thanks. I hear you on the book (length) Jim!!

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