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03 April 2010




that boy aint no joke!


Very very nice and as always there are more black (or latino) models in the European magazines than those in America. Sadly the gay magazines are the same way.


Handsome. Is David Black, Latino or mixed?


Beautiful, beautiful young man.


Why is it so important to know "what" he is?

For crying out loud...he's beautiful. Isn't that enough?


Jon, are you "white?" It's a question that I ask because men of color are always intrigued and hungry to see images of themselves and it's always a great thing when a photographer or a magazine says WE FOUND THIS MAN BEAUTIFUL and that man/image is of color.

We search our media to find ourselves and so it's a question ("WHAT IS HE?") that comes up when searching our images and that's all. Stop crying out loud and understand that a blog of color draws men of color (and many others) who are excited by the idea of our images around the world and around the blogosphere.

Breathe and comprehend that everyone DID/DOES say that he is beautiful...but WHAT IS HE is simply a question (not a condemnation) of discovery to see if MEN OF COLOR are being seen in new ways.

P.S. Rod....THIGHTASTIC? BRILLIANT WORD...I love your descriptives, my friend!

Tim Lee

Agreed- as a man who adores strong thighs, "Thightastic" is a great addition to the lexicon!


I love photo shoots that look like seedy gay porn mags. And thigh-tastic indeed!


@TheRevKev: OK...point taken. Probably I'm living in a fantasy world and need to recognize that though it would be nice to get to a place where tired social constructs like race which don't really mean anything anyway can be left behind, we're not all the way there yet.

Thanks for the relatively levelheaded response, and apologies to Faison for the unfair finger pointing. I would like to say, though, that I'm breathing just fine - I'm not the type to get all out of breath. (Granted, "For crying out loud" was an inelegant phrase and probably made me sound more worked up than I am.)

Why was I writing again? Oh yeah...cuz I was looking at Rod 2.0 and saw beautiful David from a spread in Tetu. Thanks Rod!


TheRevKev, SPEAK for YOURSELF! NOBODY on THIS end of the computer has to "search our media to find [him]self!" Unlike you, apparently, I DON'T need to see a person of color on TV, MAGAZINES, etc. to know WHO I am. My BLACK MOTHER, BLACK FATHER, BLACK GRANDMOTHERS, BLACK GRANDFATHERS & BLACK UNCLES & AUNTS have provided me with a solid enough foundation on which I have built the attitude that I can BE and DO ANYTHING as long as I embrace DISCIPLINE, FOCUS and PERSISTENCE. And, since I'm as dark as a succulent blackberry in the fiercest heat of summer, even if this model, David, IS "of color," he STILL WOULDN'T make me feel I was seeing MYSELF in him! His coloring is NOTHING like ANYBODY I've met who shares my blood line. Feel me?

tony jacks

Notice that the RevKev gave an example of what minorities often look to for inspiration. You, instead, pointed to your personal story.

Your post still has nothing to do with what RevKev says here. Simply because he's not referring to you, per se, please stop acting like you're oblivious to how others were raised and deprived of representations of themselves. Minorities have rarely been the standard for beauty. Wnating to identify with beauty seems reasonable - necessary, even


Does anybody know what is full name is I need to see more photos of him right now he is my life

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