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28 April 2010


apres moi

Is his family worth that much money that she stayed with him while he never listens to her and publicly called her "the lump in his bed".

alicia banks

i hate how she betrayed former teachers/peers by not fighting to kill the genocidal nclb....but i have always liked her more than her retarded hubby and his cuz hobama

see more:



That may possibly be the scariest book cover photo EVER!!!

I never really had any feelings about Laura because I always viewed her as a Stepford Wife!! She just seemed to be there in form, but not so much in spirit. I was always waiting for one of her circuits to go haywire and for smoke to start coming from her hair. I'll take her over Dumbya any day tho.


Laura, aint nobody ask you to write a memoir! I'm angry that your going to try to upstage our CURRENT first lady by writing this "semi" tell all book. Thanks but no thanks.

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