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11 April 2010



That is crazy. Why wouldn't they want to interview gay soldiers or ex-soldiers? They will tell you exactly how it is in the military. Most of the people that have given statements all say that the other soldiers didn't care, and that when comes down to fighting they knew the soldier had their back.


Sure, of course DADT work well for John McCain.... He just brush all of the problems under the DADT rug and pretend it doesn't exist.

And of course I don't seek out someone who is gay. Why should I?

And what interesting way to put it. Indeed, under DADT, he's *NOT SUPPOSED* to ask. Suppose he'd asked, and the soldiers told, would the soldiers not be removed from the military based on DADT? What a nice situation for our fellow homosexuals in the armed forces. If you stand up and be counted, you'd be fired, if you don't stand up and be counted, you're forced to lead a double life.

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