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20 April 2010


Derrick from Philly

The spirit of Emmett Till's murderers is alive and well in our country.


Is anyone surprised here? When was the last time graphic evidence and videotape got a cop convicted of brutality? Oh, I forgot about Rodney King. But that was only after rioters burned down part of the city of LA. There are too many people out there, mainly white people, who absolutely refuse to convict a cop of wrongdoing no matter what the circumstances are. And after serving on a jury deliberating a slam dunk case, some jurors are just downright ignorant and stubborn. I probably would have lost my mind serving on that police brutality case. And to top it off, you can't even defend yourself from a cop mercilessly beating you because you will be convicted of assault and attempted murder of a cop. I don't see an end to cops getting away with brutality and murder anytime soon.

And speaking of getting away from murder, I bet the cops were involved in Duana Johnson's murder. How convenient...

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