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28 April 2010



Thanks Rod for keeping us updated with this case. I had forgotten all about it. I am just wondering when are we(Black race) come together and discuss our fears and stigmas? I can understand the families at some point of not labeling this as a hate crime because if all weren't gay but they all were Black. I am so upset with these senseless killings that it totally breaks my heart! Why? If one of them could give me an educated answer to murders then maybe I could understand it. What is wrong with them? No one loved them growing up?

Nathan James

These kids were put to death in the most horrible manner, http://www.1010wins.com/Photos-Tell-Brutal-Story/6914759>as crime-scene photos shown at trial indicate, and all the victims' families care about is their own image--like it would be a stain on their "reputation" if their neighbors knew they had gay children!

On top of that, Rod accurately reported there was no evidence to support a robbery motive for these killings, but don't let the jury know that, right? SMH!

Account Deleted

Just shows that in many cases not even the parents care of LGBT of color being killed for THAT very reason. You can portray them as predators and perverts but as victims? Not a chance. It just fits the the narrow-minded and stupid view of many folks of color.


I hope the evil sub-human scum that did this to these innocent young men and women rot in prison for the rest of their miserable and worthless lives....

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