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10 April 2010


Former COGIC

That's a great interview with Darryl Stephens, esp what he says about the black church. Amen!

Greg G

Rod, I love these news briefs, you used to do them all the time. Please do more, great news bits and always live for the photos.


um, who's afraid to ask Darryl Stephens anything? one would think he'd welcome it.

Former COGIC

@ Michael: Sigh. It's just supposed to be a few words or short phrase linking to a larger article. You do understand that dear?

But fwiw, if you read this blog for any years or read the interview, you'd know that Darryl Stephens only publicly came out 2 years ago, and he talks about that. So "no", Darryl Stephens hasn't always discussed everything.


I don't like Darryl Stephens and I cannot for the life of me figure out why, because I don't know him from a can of paint. But there is something about him that just sets my teeth on edge. He is probably the sweetest person in the world but I always get a "stuck up" feeling about him. Anybody else?



In a word, no. What's with all these preconceptions on this site? "I don't know so and so from a hole in the wall but they're probably a jerk."

Like really? Did you read the interview? Or any previous one he's done? I get that it's subjective but the willing ignorance is rampant here. You'd think that we'd have some tolerance and open mindedness but the same stigmas and stereotypes that keep SGL people of color down are heavily perpetuated in our own communities. Unfortunate.

Thanks for this wrap up Rod, really interesting and enjoyable stuff all around.



why the snarkiness? Please re-read my comment. I asked a question about my perception and humbly asked for clarification. I did not say that he was "probably a jerk." As a matter of fact, I said he is probably the sweetest guy in the world. So why are you insinuating otherwise? And yes, I did read this interview and others he has done, and they have not altered my perception. That's why I asked the question, hoping maybe someone who knew him personally could shed some light.

You talk about tolerance, open mindedness, stigmas and stereotypes in our community (none of which has anything to do with my question), but in the same breath you stigmatize folks by calling them willingly ignorant. Does that ignorance also include folks who rant, sermonize and misquote without reading a comment carefully? Now I think THAT is unfortunate.

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