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01 April 2010


Kevin Perez

I wonder what will it take for the LGBT community and the LGBT communities of color to let go of the tired-a** Gandhi philosophy, unify for the same cause, and be more militant about our cause. It seems people simply don't care about cases like these or feign ignorance on the matter.

I'll say it again: T folks of color truly get the short end of the stick.


Another murder to add to the litany list of tragic deaths for LGBT folks of color - for THIS YEAR! Of course, it won't be the last! I'm really trying to pay close attention to the thought processes, beliefs, actions, and responses to incidents & issues like this that affect us so much, and I tell you, I've never seen such an apathetic group THAN US. We're so divided, so selfish, and so lazy that I really can't see unification any time soon. I've been around now for awhile, and that's a pretty sad thing to have to admit. When it comes to time to party & go buckwild every year in Miami, Houston and Atlanta -WE'RE THERE AND WE'RE READY! When it comes time to stand up in truth against organized religion, be men and take control of our own lives, mentor gay youth without trying to get into their pants, or fight for our place in the sun - the numbers are sorely LACKING! Until we stop being so splintered, spoiled and self-hating, we'll always get the "short end of the stick." Just my two cents and I'm just sayin'.

C. Jewelz

When this story broke a few days ago, the first reports were about a woman found dead. Later, on the 10pm news, the reports were of a man found dead, but the pre-recorded teases and voiceovers were never changed from "female" to "male".

I have yet to hear any re-corrections from the media. Hopefully, they'll report the crime accurately and won't let it fall to the wayside.

Monica Roberts

A transperson is killed somewhere in the world every two days.

Far too many of them are transpeople of color

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